How To Solve GCPD Morgue Puzzle In Gotham Knights

A core part of the gameplay loop in Gotham Knights is the investigation system to solve puzzles. Once you have completed your interrogation, collected the clues, and reached inside the GCPD’s Forensics Wing, your next step will be to arrive at the morgue site in the building.

There you will find the dead body of Langstrom waiting for you to investigate and make something out of the situation. We will try to explain the process in this guide to solve the GCPD puzzle in Gotham Knights, so without further waiting, let’s get on with it.

Gotham Knights GCPD Morgue puzzle solution

We need our investigation skills to find the two devices that will link up to form a bio-decrypting key. You will need to use the available information on your screen to identify suitable devices.

You will find different items near Dr. Langstrom’s body, such as Langtsrom’s Phone, MMO KEY FOB, Medical bracelet, AR scan analysis, wallet, and blood glucometer.

Moreover, there is a Blood vial containing the blood sample of Langstrom for toxicology and DNA tests.

Furthermore, you will notice that the Blood Glucometer is modified as it contains a USB plug hidden in its base.

The solution to the puzzle is to join the Blood Glucometer with the Blood vial. As mentioned in Langstrom’s file, the clue indicates that he did not have diabetes, so the device’s presence there ensures that the blood sample must be tested.

Once you connect the devices, you will receive the data that was only unlocked using Dr. Langstrom’s blood.

Now you need to go to Belfry and use the data in the Batcomputer; this will unlock the next part of the story.

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