Gotham Knights Fast Travel Locations: How To Unlock

Similar to the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham trilogy, Gotham Knights features a massive Gotham City to explore.

You do have the option of riding a Bat Cycle on the ground to cover more ground. You can also zip-line from building to building.

Furthermore, each hero in the game can complete their Knighthood challenges to unlock their own exclusive way to traverse.

Nightwing, for example, as his Flying Trapeze. Red Hood can jump mid-air using energized platforms.

However, considering the size of the new open-world design of Gotham City, you will eventually have to learn how to fast travel in Gotham Knights to reach your objectives quicker.

How to unlock fast travel in Gotham Knights

Unlike most open-world games, the fast-traveling feature will already be available at the start. However, you will only be able to call in the glider at any point in the city to fast travel back to the Belfry, your base of operations.

You will have to advance in the main storyline to unlock all of the fast travel locations apart from the Belfry in Gotham City.

Once you have beaten the second part of Harley Quinn’s case file, which will be the Night 6 patrol, you will receive a message from Lucius Fox. You can find him at the top of the Foxteca building in New Gotham. He will tell you about a special glider that you can use for fast travel.

However, to use the glider, you will need to hack all of the GCPD drones that are flying all over Gotham City. Lucius will mark the locations of all of the drones on your map.

All you have to do now is hack GCPD drones in every area to unlock that location as a new fast travel point. To hack a drone, just get into its range and hold down the scanning button.

Do note that some drones will have a shield that blocks all scanning attempts. In this case, you will have to wait until the drone drops its shield at a recharging station.

Fast travel locations in Gotham Knights

The following are all of the fast travel locations that you can unlock in Gotham Knights.

Financial District

Barr Avenue (1x unshielded drone)

Gotham Knights Financial District Drone 1


Manchester Street (1x shielded drone)

Gotham Knights Southside Drone 1

Old Gotham

Grand Avenue (1x unshielded drone, 1x shielded drone)

Gotham Knights Old Gotham Drone 1

Tricorner Island

Robert Kane Memorial Bridge (2x unshielded drones)

Gotham Knights Tricorner Island Drone 1

West End

Croydon Avenue (1x unshielded drone, 2x shielded drones)


Chester Avenue (3x unshielded drones)

Gotham Knights Bowery Drone 1

Gotham Heights

Dyrford Avenue (2x shielded drones)

Gotham Heights


Mercy Avenue (3x shielded drones)

Gotham Knights Bristol Drone 1

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