Gotham Knights Content Will Change With Day and Night Cycle

One of the most anticipated games hitting in the next few weeks is Gotham Knights, developed by WB Games Montreal. In an interview with the Play Magazine, WB Games Montreal talked about the challenge of Gotham Knights gameplay for four distinct playable characters in a city as big as Gotham.

So from the cinematic standpoint, it’s very, very, very challenging. Structurally, we’re gonna have a very similar scene that overall falls in the flow for each character, but each character has their own different version of that.

Gotham Knights puts players in the role of Batman’s four different proteges: Dick Grayson (Nightwing), Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), Jason Todd (Red Hood) and Damian Wayne (Robin). With Batman dead and Gotham in chaos, it now falls to them to pick up where he left off. And there’s a lot of Gotham to explore, according to the devs.

I mean, we had certain slogans that kind of shaped our expectations the whole time, such as ‘There’s always crime in Gotham City.’ And we wanted you to feel like as you mastered the city, you really learn stuff about it.

Keeping the peace in Gotham City and fighting Batman’s rogues gallery will take the Knights all over Gotham over the course of gameplay, and into a variety of situations as the city’s many gangs try and pull off their nefarious deeds. Considering how big Gotham City will be in the game, there will be a lot of different places to go and bad guys to fight, from what the devs say.

We made our gameplay systems such that activities can kind of break out in a variety of different places around the city. What [the gangs] decide to do every night is rerolled at the start of the night. So when you come back to the belfry it’s daytime, when you go out on patrol at night you’re gonna see different stuff than you did the night before all the time.

This day-night cycle will also dictate the story of Gotham Knights, changing the city as the story evolves. With plenty of members of Batman’s rogues gallery to fight, along with the new mysterious society known as the Court of Owls, hopefully Gotham Knights will be able to deliver the sort of Batman story fans have been missing.

Gotham Knights releases on October 21 of this year for the Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, and PC. 

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