Gotham Knights Burning Tunnel Puzzle Solution

Allow us to explain how to escape the burning tunnel in case 2.2 of Gotham Knights and make your way past the blades and flames.

Case 2.2 of Gotham Knights tasks you to solve the hardest puzzle in the game yet.

You start off in a tunnel with flames and spinning blades everywhere. To complete the burning tunnel puzzle in Gotham Knights, you must escape the tunnel trap.

If you are struggling to avoid the flames or the spinning blades, allow us to explain how to navigate past them and escape the burning tunnel trap.

How to complete the burning tunnel puzzle solution

Reaching the burning tunnel
During Case 2.2 of the game’s playthrough, your search for the Court of Owls will lead you to the Old Powers Clubs. To access the lair, you must search under the floorboards to find the hidden mechanism that leads you inside.

Next, finish the Shadow Bird Puzzle to proceed further inside the lair. Now you’ll engage with the Court henchmen, taking them out will trigger a cutscene, during which you are thrown inside the tunnel.

Completing the burning tunnel
The only thing players must do is make it through the tunnel while avoiding the traps. The tunnel contains the following obstacles.

Firstly, you’ll come across shooting fires that alternate between On and Off. So for stationary fires, simply wait for them to switch off before swiftly running past them.

The second type of trap that you encounter is spinning blades. They have several orientations of rotation. Wait for them to rotate and switch sides to make your way through the open side.

You will now face the next obstacles which shoot fire while moving along the tunnel on a rail. This contraption will also rotate, you must be patient to search for the perfect opening to go through.

The following obstacle will combine the rotating blades with the shooting fire contraption. You will have the opportunity to run through as soon as the fire machines turn off.

The final contraption involves spike pillars oscillating toward the ceiling and back. Wait for one to fully ascend to the ceiling before progressing forward.

Timing is essential when attempting this puzzle. You must utilize the chunks of land present in a trap shadow area and analyze the trap’s movement. Completing the Burning Tunnel will take you to a bone pit, where you’ll find a key.

The mission can be completed by grappling over to the right ledge.

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