Gotham Knights: How To Locate & Destroy Bugs

Gotham Knights has several puzzles to solve as part of your ongoing progression to reveal the secretive Court of Owls. Most of these puzzles are rather straightforward with others varying to a higher difficulty and challenge.

Since you are filling the shoes of Batman, the world’s greatest detective, you will need to quickly become familiar with your AR scanning device to solve any puzzle in your way.

One such puzzle will be during your second visit to the Penguin’s office in Case 02: The Rabbit Hole. When you bypass his security to meet Oswald Cobblepot in the Iceberg Lounge, he will be much more willing to help than on your first visit.

However, he will pull you to the side to whisper that his office is bugged with listening devices, and he will not offer any help unless you are able to locate and destroy all bugs in Iceberg Lounge.

The following guide will tell you where each bug is located in Penguin’s office in Gotham Knights.

Where to find the bugs in Iceberg Lounge

Take out your AR device and start scanning the office. These bugs are tiny and can easily be missed.

  • For the first bug, check the lamp on the Penguin’s desk in front of him.
  • The second bug is located at the bottom of the Penguin statue bust, which is placed in a nice in the walls behind the table with pistols.
  • The third bug is located in front of the potted plant behind the Penguin. Check the counter with the laptop and empty vase.

Once you spot a bug, simply use your AR device which will highlight the device and then interact with it.

Pick it up and destroy the bug. Repeat this until you get rid of all three bugs and then the next event begins.

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