Gotham Knights Blast Door Puzzle Solution

In Gotham Knights, case 6 involves an objective – Find a way to breach the blast door, which necessitates players solving a laser puzzle. This guide will show you how to complete the laser puzzle in Gotham Knights in order to breach the door and progress ahead.

How to breach the blast door in Gotham Knights

The door you must breach is an armored security door reinforced with Kane Industry proprietary alloy that appears to be impenetrable.

The shape and the build of the door indicate that a few punches and blows will not leave a mark on it. So, you’ll need to solve a laser puzzle to get through the door.

Fortunately for you, Kane Industries have plenty of gadgets and surely something can be found to get past the door.

If you look around, you’ll notice a laser that can be used to breach the door. To use it, however, you must mount it on the tank found in the same room. Here’s what you need to do.

Move the laser above the tank

Start off the objective by climbing up onto the balcony above the door and pressing the left console button to lift the laser upwards.

Once the laser is lifted, you need to use the right console button to move the laser to the left. Position the laser in such a way that it hovers over the tank. Once you have placed it above the tank, your work here is done.

how to breach blast doors

Position the tank towards the door

Next up, you need to head down to the controls found behind the tank and press the switch three times to turn the tank towards the door. Once the tank is facing the door, move on to the next step.

Place the laser on the tank

Now that the tank is oriented, head back to the balcony and use the button to the left to lower the laser gun onto the tank. There, you’re all set to fire the laser.

Fire the laser to breach the door

Return to the controls behind the tank and press the button on the left to fire the laser. This will finally breach the blast door and complete your main objective.

gotham knights laser puzzle

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