Gotham Knights: Align The Frequencies Puzzle Solution

Gotham Knights has several puzzles where you need to put objects in the right order. Similar to the pressure-plate puzzle where you have to press the floor plates in the correct order, Align the Frequencies is a puzzle in Case 7.2 where you have to literally align frequencies in the right order.

The following guide will show you how to solve the puzzle in Gotham Knights.

How to solve the “Align The Frequencies” puzzle

In this puzzle, you will need to align four different frequencies in a tower located in Arkham Asylum. Make your way to the said tower and first, use the console and reset it. Your next task will be to activate the four frequencies in the correct order, which will be displayed for you on the middle screen.

The screen will have the correct order for you, with the frequency on the left side of the screen being the one that needs to be activated first and then so on. If you fail to follow the sequence correctly, the puzzle will fail and you will have to reset the console and try again.

To activate the frequencies, you will have to use the switches. There will be four switches in the room which you will need to activate in the correct order.

For your ease, we have marked the correct order in the image below. If you make a mistake, do not worry, as the solution will remain the same even if you need multiple tries to complete it.

Gotham Knights Align The Frequencies

Once you activate all of the four frequencies correctly, the Align the Frequencies puzzle will be completed.

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