Google Stadia Content Distribution Will Help Gamers Play Any Game At Any Time

One of the main big things about gaming is the fact that each platform will have games that are exclusive to them and them only. However, Google Stadia content distribution will be putting an end to that, according to an extensive article from Wired UK about Google’s upcoming gaming platform.

Google Stadia was first announced back in early June around the time of E3 2019, and quickly began building up a list of games that would be compatible with it when it launched. Along with numerous high-profile releases, various other, smaller games are also going to be available.

Google’s Phil Harrison has compared the method of Google Stadia content distribution to the early days of cinema, where only certain theaters could show certain movies because their screens weren’t right for the cameras that the film had used.

However, once distributors democratized the process, every cinema could make use of those same movies. Google intends to do the same with Stadia, allowing gamers unprecedented access to any game from any platform, hence the variety of games that will be coming to the Stadia.

Stadia’s content distribution methods will also do away with the need for ports on its platform, as developers will only have to make a game once and then place it on the Stadia, which will help lighten the workloads on games, especially if they’re multiplatform.

If anything, with the arrival of Playstation Now, the Xbox Game Pass, and more, the fact that google Stadia is a game streaming service is the least interesting part about it, especially since streaming has become such a big part of internet and entertainment culture.

While there’s no telling just how popular Google Stadia will be when it launches, hopefully all of the ideas about Google Stadia content distribution will be able to get some people interested, especially those who don’t have multiple video game consoles.

Google Stadia is supposed to be releasing sometime this November, or next year, depending on what subscription model you buy.