Google Stadia Advancements Will Make Games Faster And More Responsive Than Consoles

One of the main flaws with streaming anything, especially video games, is the possibility of lag, both in terms of gameplay and input between the controller and the game itself. However, Madj Bakar, Google’s VP of engineering, claims that Google Stadia advancements will eventually make the service better than consoles.

While streaming is fairly easy to do for movies and TV shows like Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming video services, it’s a bit more difficult when it comes to video games, considering that players are constantly making new inputs that the streaming service has to deal with, meaning buffering doesn’t work.

This is the advantage that consoles have over streaming, in that they can immediately address those inputs because the games are inside them and being presently played, rather than having to come in over the internet every time a button is pushed.

While it won’t be happening immediately, Bakar is confident that within a few years, Google Stadia advancements will make the games that it plays faster and more responsive than any console, no matter how powerful it actually is.

Exactly how much of this will turn out to be true remains to be seen, especially since Google is saying that Stadia will take years to advance to that degree, especially when the release window for the Playstation 5 (and likely also the Xbox Scarlett) are also coming out in 2020.

However, considering that Google Stadia is going to be using Google’s own homegrown streaming tech, it’s much more plausible than something like say Playstation Now or the Xbox Game Pass in terms of reaching that level of responsiveness.

With Google’s own tech providing “negative latency”, the game will have more room to adjust to your imputs, even though its datacenters will likely be hundreds of miles away from any player. Whether this all actually comes to fruition remains to be seen, but if Google Stadia advancements end up making the entire experience better, hopefully Stadia will work out well. Google Stadia is slated to be coming out in November.

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