Google Says Stadia Multiplayer Will Have Higher Quality Than Consoles

Less than two months after the debut of Google Stadia, Jack Buser, Director of Games at Google Stadia, has appeared in the latest Kinda Funny podcast to hold a long conversation about the cloud platform.

Buser reveals that he has been working for four years at Stadia, while others in the same project joined long before him, so the team working on the platform has been working with the task for some time.

In addition, he comments that Google Stadia will offer a “much better” multiplayer experience compared to what can be expected from a console due to its data center structure.

To exemplify such statements, Buser mentions the genre of the Battle Royale, in which about 100 players meet simultaneously and the PCs or consoles of all of them are busy trying to coordinate with the remaining 99 to make it appear that there are hundreds of people running around the same battlefield.

It’s a very difficult engineering problem, that’s why Battle Royale games are relatively new. It took us a while to discover how to synchronize hundreds of consoles and living rooms of different people with different degrees of Internet connectivity around the world. It’s hard. But with Stadia, it is the largest LAN party in the world. Ultra high bandwidth and super stable connections between each person who plays.

In addition, he reiterates that the multiplayer will be very good in Stadia and superior to what we could get from a console due to the features in the cloud presented by the Google platform.

Google has announced that Google Stadia Founder’s Edition has sold out in most countries. As an alternative, the Mountain View giant has launched an alternative version called Premiere Edition.

The differences between Google Stadia Founder’s Edition and Premiere Edition are not a lot.

What does this new edition include?

  • One control unit, Clearly White Stadia Controller.
  • A Chromecast Ultra unit (the device that we connect to the TV via HDMI).
  • Three months subscription to Stadia Pro.
  • Destiny 2 Collection in full, license forever.

Google will bet heavily on its Google Stadia service. One of the most important features will be cross-play and the cross-progression between some games available for this platform, consoles and PC. Recently, we learned that the plans for this last feature are more ambitious, as they expressed the desire to enable cross-progression in all Google Stadia games.

During an interview with the StadiaCast YouTube channel, John Justice, vice president of Google Stadia spoke about some of the most important features of this service. According to the Google Stadia VP and head of product, Google makes efforts to allow the progression to be shared on all consoles and that players do not have barriers to play, as it will be essential in the next generation.

We will have to wait for its launch in several countries on November 13 to verify how Stadia adapts to each type of connection and home in the world, and see how it performs in the long run!

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