GOG Layoffs Leave a Dozen Staff Members Jobless Due to Financial Issues

GOG is a platform similar to Steam and Epic Store that host games as a platform client to be purchased on PC. GoG houses the Witcher series and all games associated with that IP among multiple others. Recently, they’ve joined the trend of the gaming industry of firing people, as GOG lays off around a dozen staff members out of the blue.

Here’s the official statement that GOG released to Kotaku regarding what exactly they’ve been doing.

We have been rearranging certain teams since October 2018, effecting in closing around a dozen of positions last week. At the same time, since the process started we have welcomed nearly twice as many new team members, and currently hold 20 open positions.

So the GOG layoffs were less about firing people and more about rearranging teams around. We’re not sure if this was due to the laid-off employees being incompetent or some other ulterior motive.

At least that was the case until one of the employees that were part of the GOG layoffs spoke about why exactly they lost their job.

GOG’s revenue couldn’t keep up with growth, the fact that we’re dangerously close to being in the red has come up in the past few months, and the market’s move towards higher [developer] revenue shares has, or will, affect the bottom line as well. I mean, it’s just an odd situation, like things got really desperate really fast. I know that February was a really bad month, but January on the other hand was excellent. We were in the middle of a general restructuring, moving some teams around, not unprecedented. But layoffs that big have never happened before.

So it was a financial situation? But GoG said they were rearranging teams? GoG lied? Oh my God!

But regardless of their reasons, companies do have the right to lay off who they want to. It’s just not been the best for people working in the gaming industry. We saw Telltale lay off its entire staff not very long ago. Thank God for Skybound saving the final Walking Dead season.

We’ve also seen investigations undergoing practices at Activision Blizzard as well. There’s also Metro Exodus going exclusive on Epic among other issues.

I was going to say it’s not all fun and games anymore. But that would be heavily ironic for a comment on the video game industry.

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