GOG.com Challenges Your Sleep With the “Fall Insomnia Promo”

fall insomnia sale
There seems to be no stopping online store Good Old Games or GOG.com in their effort to provide promotional alternatives for PC gamers. Starting now, they’ll come up with a new way to offer sales, with one game at a time.

This event called the Fall Insomnia Promo will feature one game for sale at one time, available until its counter dries up. After that, another game will take its place and so forth. It’s said that this will continue until the site runs out of titles completely, out of a selection of 100 games.

There’s even a kicker to the timed deals: Periodically, a game will be released that is completely free. Since the press release states that there will be “very limited numbers” of free goodies, you may want to keep your eyes open, hence the “insomnia” part. Consider this a fire sale in the digital sense; everything must go.

If you’re wondering what will pass in review, you’re in luck, as GOG.com lifted some primo names off their table of content.

For instance, the prelude to the Bioshock series, System Shock 2, will be featured. Other games include the ultra-violent indie hit Hotline Miami, Ubisoft’s amazing platform game Rayman Origins and Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, one of the singular most iconic strategy titles ever released.

This complements the recent news where GOG.com offered 3 or more games for $5 or more and donated proceeds completely to charity.

What coincidence that this fervorous generosity is all planned in front of the leaked Steam sale dates, right? Surely, that’s just a coincidence.

Even so, this means that there are still many promotions ahead, which is always great for you, the user.

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