Godfall Zamora Boss Guide

Godfall pits you against your first boss in the mission, ‘Zamora the Far-Seeing.’ In this Godfall Zamora Boss Guide, we’ll be showing you a few viable tactics to get the better of your brother’s lieutenant.

Godfall Zamora The Far-Seeing Boss

As you enter the garden, Zamora will establish her dominance against you, hoping to capitalize on your new-found weakness.

The fight will soon begin after the cutscene, as Zamora relentlessly tries to take you down using a combination of spells and melee attacks.

Attack Immediately
Your cue to attack is when the cutscene ends. Lunge in as soon as possible, and try to deal as much damage as you can.

If you’re lucky, Zamora won’t try to knock you back or teleport away for a brief period of time.

You’ll be able to chop off a large chunk of health from Zamora with your initial combo. Keep attacking until Zamora teleports away, leaving behind Crystal Voidlings.

The Black Holes!
Zamora will frequently release small condensed orbs of energy that will explode once they get close enough to you.

The best thing you can do is, bait them to a distance away from Zamora. Once they start to explode, dive back into Zamora and start attacking.

You Can’t Stop All Of Us! (Trance State)
After a brief period of ass-whopping, Zamora will surround herself with a shield that makes her invulnerable.

Destroy the obelisks generating the shield, and Zamora will be vulnerable for the next 3 to 4 seconds.

Release everything you have in this moment, and back off immediately as Zamora starts to stand up.

When she’s had enough of your attacks, she’ll stomp her staff into the ground and release an explosion with an impact radius of roughly 1 to 2 meters.

The Second Phase
She’s faster, she’s stronger, and she’s more precise with her spells.

Once you’ve interrupted her little trance, and broken her shield, Zamora’s going to be a little mad.

New Attacks
You’ll notice a bunch of new attacks from her end. One being hell-fire from above, as a portal homes in on you, attempting to land a few projectiles on you.

Melee and Spells Combined
Zamora will also become much more frequent with her melee attacks. You’ll notice that she’ll be performing her spells, whilst also showing off her fresh new melee combo!

Keep your Distance
This part of the fight can become relatively harder to dodge.

The best you can do is to maintain your distance from Zamora during this phase, and only attack once her spells have died down.

Once you get enough damage in, she will be staggered, leaving her completely vulnerable to all incoming damage. By now, you should probably be able to finish her off.

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