Godfall Solaris Boss Guide

Godfall has arrived, and it is amazing. Up until the Godfall Solaris Boss encounter, we are introduced to many of the game’s basic combat features as you have been making your way through the temple. But now comes an actual challenge.

All that the player has learned of the combat system of Godfall will be put to the test with the Solaris boss.

Godfall Solaris Boss

Solaris is huge and has a number of attacks and abilities in its arsenal. Aside from this, it has a tanky shield bar.

Let’s take a look at some of Solaris’ attacks and abilities.

Solaris’ Attacks
Solaris’s normal attacks consist of him slashing at you with his metallic blade arms.

You can dodge towards him to get behind or dodge backward to escape these.

One way that Solaris attacks you is by leaping at you, crossing the distance between you two easily.

While he jumps towards you, get as far away from your initial position at the start of Solaris’s jump. To escape his giant body crashing down on you.

Solaris also has a laser that he fires directly at you; dodge to the left or right to escape, as this laser moves horizontally and sets the ground ablaze in the line that it fires.

His laser arsenal doesn’t end there, he can also leap up into the air and rain down lasers on you, rapidly firing lasers in quick succession.

You can dodge these incoming lasers by looking out for red circle outlines on the ground predicting the intended landing spot of the lasers.

The lasers he fires also leave a circle of persistent flame where they land, so don’t step on those.

Boss Fight
The first thing you need to deal with is Solaris’s shield bar. Before we can do any actual to Solaris, we have to wear out the shield.

After wearing the shield out, the boss will get stunned, deal as many free hits at this moment as possible.

After the stun duration, it’s back to the normal fighting pattern and attacks that the boss had even with its shield intact.

However, don’t hit him for too long while he’s stunned as he unleashes an AoE attack when he’s about to get up.

A yellow circular outline around him indicates this; so as soon as you spot that outline, stop attacking and dash away.

Solaris only leap attacks when you are at a distance, so staying close to him reduces the threat of that attack. Mostly early on you will have to worry about his normal slashes.

Look out for the horizontal lasers, and much more for the after-burn on the ground that they leave behind.

The real problems come when it floats in the air and rains down lasers, then you need to distance yourself to have enough response time to dodge the lasers.

The lasers also leave an after-burn so staying directly under the boss during its laser rain is a bad idea.

The after-burn also negates your chance of getting close and dealing damage when it lands as the ground will be ruined and burning.

If you find yourself needing health, search the room for health drops and get back into the fight.

Just stick to the tips we have given you above and keep dealing damage and you’ll get through the Solaris boss fight with ease.

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