Godfall Macros Boss Guide

Macros is the final fight you’ll encounter in your Godfall playthrough. In this Godfall Macros Boss Guide, we’ve broken down Macros’ move-set to help you in outwitting the armor-cladded self-proclaimed ‘God’.

Godfall Macros Boss

Approach Macros, as he challenges his authority over you as a God. After a brief argument, Macros will dash towards you and initiate the fight with his first attack.

Macros is fast and agile, being able to teleport around pretty fast.

If you don’t learn to dodge his moves, he might not give you a lot of breathing space once he does manage to land a hit on you.

Macros: Spear Phase
During the Spear Phase, Macros can send out continuous energy projectiles; that is, he floats and shoots out from a purple orb.

If you get too close, he will often push you away with his lightning.

If you’re out of range, he will often throw his spear at you. You’ll have to judge the animation to understand when to dodge; there’s not much of an opportunity otherwise while it’s in the air.

Macros will lunge forward with his spear and smack down the ground, creating a small radius of impact.

Macros: Sword Phase
During the Sword Phase, Macros can melee combo and send out surges of purple energy in a circular area around him.

You can try to dodge past them through the small spaces in between.

Macros will close the distance between you and him with a Sword Lunge, and follow it up with a slam to the ground.

Macros: Hammer Phase
During the Hammer Phase, Macros’ melee combo allows him to perform hammer slams that damage in an AoE. Sometimes, the slam will ignite the ground and cause damage over time.

Macros will shatter the ground, and cause a quake that travels to you, causing everything in the path to burn up into flames.

He will swing his hammer around in a circular path, before grabbing it again.

Attack with Precision
Macros will be all over the place and constantly shooting out ranged attacks whilst also trying to take you down using his melee attacks.

This makes it specifically hard to keep up with dodging and attacking at the same time.

You won’t get many openings while Macros is attacking.

As soon as he finishes shooting out his laser beams or stops after completing a melee combo, that’s when you dive in and try to deal as much damage as possible.

Huge AoE Attacks
For the most part, you’ll be dodging around a lot since Macros constantly channels his energy to create large devastating AoE attacks.

Try to predict the trajectory, and stay away from the points of impact to avoid taking any major damage.

Tanking is a Bad Idea
If you think you can tank through most of Macros’ attacks, then you’re in for a bad time.

The moment you get hit once, that’s your cue to back off as much as you can. Once his combos start, you might not be able to get away unscathed.

Attack only when Macros’ melee combo ends, stay away from him when he’s casting his spells.

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