Godfall Lunara Boss Guide

Our Godfall Lunara Boss Guide covers the complete encounter with the Lunara boss, including all her weaknesses on The Silver Moon in Godfall.

Godfall Lunara Boss

Lunara is the guardian avatar of The Silver Moon.

To face her, you need to head to The Silver Moon destination and then proceed through the huge door.

As soon as you open the door, you’ll see a cutscene where Lunara lifts her sword and taunts you for battle.

Phase 1
Lunara’s arsenal consists of a longsword and a shield that can shoot orbs.

While facing her, if you get too close, she will bounce back and then retaliate with orb attacks from her shield.

You can parry the orb attacks to send them back at her. But it has to be a perfect parry.

Once you parry 2 orbs, the boss will get downed, and then you can close in for some sweet DPS.

Lunara can also use a shield slam where she slams her shield in the ground to create damaging shockwaves. Which she then follows with 1 sword slash.

Find adequate attack windows in between her strikes and spam heavy attack combos to deplete Lunara’s HP quickly.

Phase 2
As Lunara’s HP drops to 50%, she will unleash orbs that continuously revolve around her, keeping you at bay.

If you don’t destroy these orbs early on, then these orbs can cause Darkmoon Shades to spawn.

They don’t have that much health but can still cause a hindrance when you go for DPS.

Her attacks change to more frequent shield bashes, and Lunara frequently stops to recharge her stamina. That is the key moment for inflicting DPS.

To get close, you have to parry the revolving orbs and then use light attacks. But don’t get greedy, or else you’ll get thrown back with a quick shield bash from Lunara.

Phase 3
The third and final phase of the battle begins once you deplete Lunara’s HP down to about 25%. This is when she starts using charged AOE attacks that are difficult to avoid if you play aggressively.

The revolving orbs and Darkmoon Shades are still going to keep coming as well.

Lunara’s overall behavior becomes aggressive, and she starts performing spinning shield attacks.

Parry the orbs, then destroy them and go in for the heavy attacks. Once you memorize her shield spin and ground slam pattern, then it’s just a matter of time until she falls.

We recommend sticking to Lunara’s body and keep spamming the Heavy Attack. This should help in bringing her down quickly.

As her health reaches 0, you will do a very stylish finisher to bring Lunara down.

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