Godfall Grieves Sunsteel Boss Guide

Grieves Sunsteel is the third boss you’ll fight in Godfall. This fiery being is quite the tank and he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. To help you out with defeating Grieves Sunsteel in Godfall, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll walk you through this boss fight step by step.

Godfall Grieves Sunsteel Boss

To start the boss fight with Grieves, you’ll need to have 10 Air Sigils. When you have enough of them, go talk to the Seventh Sanctum and Zenun.

After some cutscenes, accept the challenge to start the boss fight.

Grieves is a fire-based being who wields a large hammer and a bucket of lava, which he uses to perform several unique fire-based attacks.

The main thing you need to know before you start this fight is that Grieves hits like a truck, so there’s not much room for error in this fight.

Grieves Attacks

  • Grieves will perform the following attacks during this fight.
  • Hammer Swing: He’ll swing his hammer and light a part of the ground on fire.
  • Charge Attack: He’ll scream and charge straight ahead, and then he’ll light the ground on fire at the end of the attack.
  • Hammer Slam: He’ll slam his hammer down, creating three lines of fire which travel towards you.
  • Fire Ball: He’ll hurl a fireball straight towards you.
  • Minion Attack: He’ll spawn multiple minions who’ll blow up if they come in contact with you. During this attack, he’ll stand in a pit of fire.

Grieves Boss Fight
Grieves will have three marks on his health bar. These act as checkpoints.

If you bring his HP down below a checkpoint but end up dying, when you respawn, his HP will start from that checkpoint, instead of starting from 100%.

Grieves is a very aggressive boss and he’ll constantly be throwing attacks towards you.

Since his attacks have a lot of AoE effects, you’ll have to be continuously moving around the arena so you don’t get burned alive.

Fortunately, Grieves’ attacks are relatively easy to evade. The plan is to keep evading his attacks and only retaliate when you see a good opening.

At the start of the fight, Grieves will be immobile for a few seconds before he starts swinging. Use this opportunity to get 2-3 free hits on him before dashing away.

The two most punishable attacks of Grieves are his Charge Attack and Hammer Slam.

The rest of the attacks are very hard to punish, so it’s best to just evade and wait for him to make one of these attacks.

Keep in mind that there are two variations of his Charge Attack. The punishable variation is the one where he lights up blue and screams before charging.

Instead of evading this Charge Attack, make sure to parry it every time.

If you parry it, he’ll be stunned for about 6 seconds, allowing you to get several hits on him.

He usually does the Hammer Slam four times in a row.

The lines of fire will follow the same path, so just dash between them towards him and punish the attack this way.

If you manage to do so, he’ll get stunned and you’ll be able to land multiple attacks on him.

There will also be moments in the fight where Grieve will perform a combo of his other hammer attacks.

If you manage to dodge every single attack, Grieves will be immobile for a few seconds after. This will allow you to get some more damage in on him.

Grieves has a ton of health, so this fight will require a lot of patience.

Grieves won’t have to hit you many times to take you down, so don’t try to punish his other attacks; because if you fail to do so, you’ll be toast.

Just stick to the plan above and you’ll be able to take him down within a few tries, it’ll just take a bit of time.


  • Incarnate Soul Ring
  • Sparking Circuit Ring
  • Iron Bond Augment
  • Moth Charm
  • +1 Skill Point
  • 10 Dragonsteel
  • 100 Sunsteel