Godfall Archon Abilities Guide

In this Godfall Archon Abilities guide, we will have an in-depth look at what archon abilities are, how to activate them and then list all of the Archon Abilities available in the game. Let’s get started.

Godfall Archon Abilities

Archon abilities are skills and abilities that allow players to get special or enhanced moves in Godfall.

You will get these Archon abilities through Valorplates, which are basically armor sets in Godfall.

Now when you equip a Valorplate, you will get a specific Archon ability attached to that armor. Here is how you can activate the ability and its effects.

How to activate Archon Abilities

In Godfall, fallen enemies drop some collectible orbs as you must have noticed, these are called Aetherium and as you pick these orbs your Archon ability will get charged up.

Now when the Archon fury bar (below health bar) is full, you can then activate the Archon ability.

Other than killing enemies, you can get Aetherium from looting chests.

Now, this ability can be used by pressing thumbsticks at the same time.

This will activate the Archon ability of your valorplate and you will get Archon Fury.

Each ability has different effects or Archon Fury, all are listed down below.

Archon Fury Effects

Name Archon Fury Effect Archon Fury During Battle
Aegishorn Get 3 spirit warriors for help in a battle. You and nearby allies take 30% less damage. Shoot 3 projectiles that deal 32 Physical damage to nearby enemies when you are hit.
Armistice Unleash a shockwave that deals 2 Physical damage and breaches nearby enemies. Breach damage +50% Damage to Breached Enemies +100% Takedown damage +100% Whenever you defeat a Breached enemy or defeat an enemy with a takedown, +50% damage
Bulwark Summon 3 Physical Sentinels Chance to inflict Bleed +90% Damage to Bleeding targets +100% Your attacks deal Physical damage
Greyhawk Unleash a shockwave that applies 48 Soulshatter Build-up to nearby Soulshatter Build-up +100% Unleash a shockwave that applies 48 Soulshatter Buildup to nearby Enemies whenever you Soulshatter an enemy
Hinterclaw Get help of 3 spirit warriors in the battle Critical Hit chance +30% Critical Hit damage whenever you defeat an enemy +15% (Max: +150%)
Illumina Unleash a shockwave that reveals enemy Weakpoints and deals 2 Physical damage Unleash a shockwave every 2 seconds that reveals enemy Weakpoints and deals 2 Physical damage Weakpoints damage +40% Weakpoint damage whenever you perform a Deathblow +40%
Mesa Unleash a shockwave that deals 48 Earth damage Chance to inflict Poison +90% Damage to Poisoned Enemies +100% Your attacks deal Earth damage.
Moebius Summon 3 Void Sentinels Chance to inflict Curse +90% Damage to Cursed Enemies +100% Your attacks deal Void damage.
Phoenix Unleash a shockwave that deals 48 Fire damage. Chance to inflict Ignite +90% Damage to Ignited Enemies +100% Your attacks deal Fire damage.
Silvermane Get 3 spirit warriors for help in a battle. Weapon Technique charge speed, Shield charge speed, and Polarity Attack charge speed increased by +300%
Typhon Summon 3 Water Sentinels Chance to inflict Chill +90% Damage to Chilled Enemies +100% Your attacks deal Water damage.
Vertigo Unleash a shockwave that deals 48 Air damage Chance to inflict Shock +90% Damage to Shocked Enemies +100% Your attacks deal Air damage.

 This is all the information you need to take full advantage of Archon abilities in the new Godfall.