God of War PS4 Pro Enhancements Revealed Along With Themed Console

God of War is a bit more than a month away from releasing on PlayStation 4 and just in time come its PS4 Pro features. Along with the God of War PS4 Pro Enhancements announcement comes the announcement of a Limited Edition God of War PS4 Pro, inspired by Kratos’ Leviathan axe.

As revealed by the PlayStation Blog, the God of War PS4 Pro Enhancements include, among others, dynamic 4K resolution achieved through the upscaling technique of checkerboard rendering, which sure steps up the game for games of its caliber on the console.

The official post from developer Santa Monica Studio states that, when played on PS4 Pro with a 4K TV, God of War outputs in a dynamic 4K resolution achieved through a 2160p checkerboard. However, players with 1080p HDTVs will also benefit from increased image clarity via supersampling of a higher resolution onto their display, thanks to the game’s built-in supersampling technique.

As for HDR, Sony and Santa Monica Studios claim that it will be available on all PlayStation 4 consoles, as long as the monitor supports the feature, upon launch day.

If you are thinking about grabbing a Playstation 4 Pro to experience God of War in all its glory then you should consider the Leviathan Grey PS4 Pro, a limited Edition God of War console, coming with:

  • Full Customized 1 TB PS4 Pro inspired By Kratos’ Axe
  • Leviathan Gray Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller With Insignia
  • God of War Physical Copy And Digital Content

This is by far the most unique design a limited edition PlayStation 4 has received until now, with the top front panel being the Axe skill tree you’ll use in-game, Norse runes on the front and the Huldra Brother and God of War logos on the wireless controller.

In related news, Cory Barlog, Creative Director at Santa Monica, has confirmed that the game will not feature any kind of microtransactions. Until the game finally comes out on April 20th, check every game trailer, cinematic as well as actual gameplay here.

What do you think about the God of War PS4 Pro Enhancements? Are you grabbing the Leviathan Grey PS4 Pro?

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