God of War PS4 Director Explains Why Kratos Prefers an Axe Over Blades Now

God of War PS4 is going to be different in a number of ways compared to previous entries in the series. The story is fresh, characters are new, and combat is taking a different route. One of the most notable changes to combat is Kratos’ new Axe. We first saw the Axe in action at E3 2016 when the game was officially revealed. Kratos has said goodbye to Chains of Chaos and the reason behind this makes sense not only from a design point of view but narrative-wise as well.

The blades represent a very dark time in Kratos’ life and he is trying to put it all behind him. The Chains of Chaos needed to go in order for him to move on and have a different life. Chains aren’t just a weapon to Kratos, they are his Scarlet Letter, says Cory Barlog.

We were experimenting with lots of different weapons, lots of different things. I think we wanted to create an identity because to me the blades represent a very dark time in [Kratos’] life. They are not just a weapon to him. They are his scarlet letter. They are the marking that somebody tricked him, that he made a bad deal, that he made a mistake. Powerful, but I think also powerfully charged in its emotion. So I think of part of him wanting to move forward is being able to [leave the blades behind].

His weapon of choice might be gone but the game will still not shy away from violence and gore. Previously, Cory Barlog confirmed the game will not hold back at all when it comes to gore since the game takes place in a very violent time. God of War PS4 already has 18+ rating.

God of War PS4 is releasing on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro in early 2018.

Source: GamesRadar

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