God of War 4 Setting and Concept Art Leaked Online

After radio silence for a long time we are starting to get a number of alleged rumors/ leaks/ speculations about God of War 4. While last time it was a veteran animator saying he was working on some creatures for the game, this time it looks like the God of War 4 setting and tons of concept art have been leaked.

We will get to the concept art details later, lets talk about where will be highly anticipated PS4 title take us.

God of War 4 Setting and Concept Art Leaked

The information about the game’s setting has come from a known industry insider, Shinobi, who is well reputed for being accurate in a number of leaks (if not all).

He has been teasing that the God of War 4 is going to take you to Nordic mythology “across the rainbow bridge… to the halls of Valhalla.” Moving on, here is a list of leaked details on the game’s setting and Kratos himself:

  • There is Kratos, with beard;
  • The setting is the Norse Mythology;
  • Kratos will visit Alfheim, “Land Of The Fairies”, one of the Nine Worlds and home of the Light Elves (concepts show the Wall and the Temple Door);
  • Kratos will be in one or more prison;
  • Kratos has an Axe, with which he can cut vines and create bridges/walkways;
  • The surrounding environment could interact with the character (if Kratos brushes-up against the vines, they expel visible spores).

While that ends there, there are substantial concept arts that have surfaced online. Before we go on quarreling whether they relate to God of War 4 or not, do see that some of the images themselves mention Kratos.

Also, since this appears to be new content, I doubt we are talking about a remaster or a remake. That being said, we are sharing all the files we could get our hands on in the gallery below. There are enemies, items, creatures, a number of locations and more.

Even in the past we have had some rumors about God of War 4, like the statue of Kratos that gave new hope and the retailer listings of the game that sprung up some months ago.

Got something to add to the alleged God of War 4 setting or the concept arts? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks, Shinobi and NeoGAf.

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