God of War The Marked Trees Walkthrough

In this God of War The Marked Trees Walkthrough, we will guide you step by step on how you can clear the first chapter of the epic God of War main story or The Journey.

We would like to mention here that this walkthrough would strictly focus on the main story progression. There are many collectibleshidden chambers, and chests found in each chapter but we have different guides specially focusing on each of these collectibles and side missions.

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God of War The Marked Trees

As soon as you start the game, you will have to see a small cutscene where Kratos has his hand on a tree, which has some yellow handprint markings on it. Press circle and then press R1 later when asked to start chopping down the tree.

Keep hitting the tree until it falls down. Watch the cutscene where Kratos heaves the tree onto his shoulder. When back in control, use the left stick to make Kratos walk towards his son, Atreus.

Follow him until you reach the dock, which is marked by a white flag. You will see a canoe sitting in the water right next to the dock. Atreus will jump in the boat to assist with the tree when Kratos is about to tie it to the boat.

Once tied to the boat, Kratos will throw the tree in the river and jump inside the boat alongside Atreus. Once done, you need to head downstream.

Follow the River

Now you must row the boat downstream. The path is straightforward so you can simply start rowing where the water flow seems to be going.

Kratos and Atreus will engage in a brief conversation. Listen to it and continue rowing the boat ahead. Once you reach the rock tunnel, you will be near to your destination. A little up the river, you will come to another dock marked with a white flag.

You need to head towards the dock and press circle to dock your boat there. Atreus will jump off the ship while you must press Circle to get off the ship. Once out, Kratos will grab the tree and once again heave it onto his shoulder. Now you need to head with Atreus towards the house. Atreus will run inside the house while Kratos stays outside to chop the tree for making a pyre.

Watch the cutscene where Atreus lights up some candles around his mother’s body and says a few prayers. Soon Kratos will enter the room and Atreus will let him know that she is ready to be taken out.

Kratos will pick up the body and take her outside to the pyre, which he just built with the tree he brought along. Once outside, Kratos will set the body on the pyre and set it on fire.

Once the body is on fire, Atreus will quickly try to remove a knife from his mother’s body. Although he will succeed he will end up burning his hand.

Kratos tells him that it is his sword now. At this point, Kratos asks Atreus to show him his hunting skills. Atreus runs inside and grabs his Talon Bow and some arrows.

Deer Hunt with Atreus

Now you must find and hunt a deer with Atreus. This is actually Kratos testing Atreus whether he is ready for the long journey ahead or not.

Once you are in control, start heading towards the gate, which leads to the forest beyond the house. Atreus will be up ahead so you can just start following him on the path.

Keep following the path and you will soon end up at a fork. Pick the right path and soon Atreus will find some tracks on the ground.

After examining, he will let you know that these are not deer tracks so Kratos tells him to keep looking. Keep following the path and soon you will be ambushed by a Draugr in an opening.

Since this is your first combat sequence, this will teach you all the basics of the combat. Eliminate the Draugr and then some more will spawn in the area.

Defeat all of the enemies in the area and continue down the path with Atreus. Soon you will arrive at some ancient ruins. It will have huge stone towers on both sides and a pathway will be formed between them both. You need to head inside the ruins using this path.

Keep heading inside ruins until you come to a place where you will find yourself in a stone courtyard and four sets of stairs leading to different directions.

Your goal here is the leftmost one, as Atreus will also move towards them. As you reach the top of the stairs, Atreus will find some deer tracks and say that this could be a boar as well.

You need to keep following the path some more until you arrive at the bridge. As you try to cross the bridge, you will notice that the way up ahead is broken and you will have to jump across it.

Run and then jump across the gap to reach the other side. Continue down the path with Atreus and jump across the fallen tree that lies in the way. As soon as you cross the fallen tree, you will see a small cutscene where Atreus almost runs into a giant deer.

Deer Chase

Like any normal deer would do, the giant deer runs ahead when he sees Atreus and Kratos. Your next goal is to track down the deer with Atreus and take it down.

Follow the path up ahead with Atreus until you reach a bridge. At this point, Atreus will point out that the bridge has been broken by the bridge and now a big barrier lies in the way blocking your path.

Take out your axe and throw it at the barrier to clear the way. Once Atreus is across, press Circle to jump and cross the gap up ahead.

When up ahead, the deer will reappear and Atreus blindly fires an arrow in its direction, missing the deer and making it enter its defensive mode. The deer runs away again but Kratos is not happy this time. He takes Atreus bow with him saying that Atreus is too hasty and must focus before firing.

Ordered to find the deer again, a disappointed Atreus leads the way up again. Follow Atreus along the path until you reach an opening and some Draugrs come at you.

Defeat them all and continue behind Atreus. When you reach the entrance of the ruins, Atreus will notice that the deer has also entered the ruins. You have no idea but to enter the ruins after the deer.

Open the door and head inside the ruins with Atreus. Atreus will find the deer again but it is out of his bow’s range so they must need to get close to it now.

Jump across the gap and go down the stairs. Turn left and you will enter a side hall. Keep heading straight and you will come across some more Draugrs. Take them out with your Axe and then focus on opening the giant metal gate up ahead.

Notice the big chain attached to the gate and a big circular device that you can use to open the door. Press Circle to interact with the device and then push left stick backward to make it go back.

The gate will start to open up. Once the gate is open, do not let go of the device just yet. Instead, aim with your axe and throw it at the gearwheel right above the gate to freeze it in place.

This will freeze the gate in its place and allow you to cross the gate before calling your Axe back.

Once the door behind you closes, the other one lifts up allowing you to cross the gate and exit the ruins. Continue up the path where a red banner is flapping in the air. Once you cross the banner, a cutscene will trigger.

Atreus spots the deer and asks for his bow back. Kratos hands it over and Atreus gets ready for the shot. This time you will be in control to fire the arrow. Press L2 to aim and a white aiming reticle will appear on the screen. Point it at the deer and try to keep it as close as its heart. Once you have kept it at the right spot, wait for it to turn red. Fire the arrow when the reticule is red and the deer will fall down immediately.

Run with Atreus to the deer to find it still breathing. At this point, Kratos helps Atreus finish the job only to be attacked by a fearsome Fire Troll named Dauði Kaupmaðr.

This is a mini boss and you will need to work with Atreus to take him down. Use your Axe to trickle his health down until you can go in for the cutscene kill. Once the troll is down, you can head back home with Atreus.

Journey Back Home

Start your journey back to home by going to the wall marked with glyphs and boosting Atreus up. Climb it after him and then follow the path until you come to the Draugr.

Take it out and follow the path up ahead with Atreus. Climb the wall up ahead with Atreus and you will come up against some more Draugrs. Defeat them to continue down the path.

Up ahead on the path, you will come across a new enemy type called Hel-Reaver Lord. Your Leviathan Axe will not work against it so switch to your fists and shield to take it down.

Once it is down, follow the path until you come to a lift platform. Throw your axe at the glowing disc to open up a path and jump down in the backyard of your home.

You have reached your house. Head to the house and enter it from the front door. Interact with the door to trigger a cutscene.

Atreus heads inside while Kratos collects some ashes from the pyre and then later heads inside the house. Inside the house, interact with Atreus for yet another cutscene when they are interrupted by a knock on the door. Get ready for the boss fight.

As the cutscene ends, you will be up against The Stranger who is the boss of the first chapter. The boss fight contains different phases but if you are good with evading, countering and throwing your axe, you should be fine.

Check our detailed Boss Guide by heading over to the link. Once the boss is down, head back inside your house to trigger a cutscene where Kratos decides to head to the mountain with Atreus to conclude the chapter.

This concludes our God of War The Marked Trees Walkthrough. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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