God Of War Sequel Is In The Works By Santa Monica Studio, Job Listing Reveals

The God Of War 2018, is one of the most popular titles that rolled out a few months back and without any doubt, it ripped every game in its path. Setting high sales record God Of War really took over the gaming community, like Kratos takes down his enemies. Now while fans are still enjoying this game, it seems to be that Santa Monica Studio has initiated the development on the Next God Of War Sequel.

In a recent new job listing posted at the official site of the studio, few details seem to point out to a possible Next God Of War Sequel, to be in the works.

Santa Monica Studio is currently looking for an experienced senior character concept artist, who will contribute in the development of visuals, “rich cast of characters” that includes creatures, mythology, which will have a very strong historical background.

Considering the words like creatures with strong influences, mythology and historical background it seems none other than a God Of War Sequel.

The studio is the same, the timing is right, the job requirements seem to point us in the same direction, so perhaps we can assume that Santa Monica Studio has initiated the development on the Next God Of War Sequel, which calls for a celebration perhaps?

With all that said, do not take this as a word of the gospel, as this is merely an assumption based on the deductions done by looking at the rumors, speculations and such type of job listings. So take this with a grain of salt for now.

For Santa Monica Studio preventing leaks have always been troublesome, God Of War director acknowledged that a lot of effort was put into the prevention of leaks. So rest assured if the Next God Of War Sequel is in the works, we shall know soon enough.

Now the big question would be, if the next sequel is in the works, then will the studio be rolling it out on PS4 or on PS5 or perhaps on both, considering PS5 too is in the works. According to Cory Barlog of Sony Santa Monica, it is going to be a very difficult task for the studio to roll out the game on PS5.

Perhaps that is a topic for another day, for now, let us be positive for this next sequel to be in development.