God Of War Has An Amazingly Weird Sense Of Humor, Cory Barlog Says

With the release date set for April 20th, the game God Of War, has been in the eyes and ears for everyone. The anticipation for this PS4 exclusive is amazing. There has been loads of information coming from almost every direction, and a recent talk with the director of the game, Cory Barlog, has revealed that the game will have a weird yet amazing sense of humor.

Which seems to be a very interactive idea, and it is not us who has said that. According to the Cory Barlog the director of the game God Of War, the game certainly requires something to lighten up the mode.

According to him, players cannot be exposed to the continuous seriousness of the game which is also amazing but sometimes in order to make the game more attractive and long-lasting, a little humor goes a long way.

Courtesy of “Playstationlifestyle” we came to know about this detail. They have had a chance to talk to Cory Barlog and ask some questions, among which the most interesting details was this.

Cory Barlog added that the Norse Mythology already has a very dark kind of humor. He said that while he has been researching and reading a lot of stuff, he came to an understanding that the Norse Mythology contains a lot of dark, weird yet amazing humor.

He further added that since his wife is Swedish, he has a good understanding of Scandinavian humor and that he has incorporated into the game.

Be that as it may if you have not had the chance of viewing the God Of War unedited gameplay, that recently got leaked then no place would be better. Since the leaked unedited gameplay video had been removed due to copyright issues we have made available some links that do not fall under the jurisdiction.

So you while you give that gameplay footage a try, recently an official God Of War PS4 trailer/Tv Commercial has also surfaced and it is amazing as well.

That said God Of War is a PS4 exclusive scheduled to roll out on April 20th.