How To Transmog Armor In God Of War: Ragnarok

If you aren't a fan of the looks of some of the armor sets in GoW Ragnarok, luckily you can...

If you aren’t a fan of the looks of some of the armor sets in GoW Ragnarok, luckily you can change their appearance however you see fit.

God of War Ragnarok comes with a transmog feature that allows you to change the appearance of an armor you are using and replace it with some other armor set you have previously acquired.

In this guide, we will further break down the transmog system in God of War Ragnarok and go over how you can utilize it to customize Kratos’ appearance in the game.

How to unlock transmog

Transmog in GoW Ragnarok is a bit of a late-game feature. Before you can alter the appearance of a weapon or armor, you first need to upgrade it to level 9. Each item you need to customize must reach that level before you can transmog it to take on the appearance of another item.

How to transmog armor in God of War: Ragnarok

To transmog a piece of armor, you must first upgrade it to level 9. The chest piece is arguably the most time-consuming when it comes to upgrading. Whereas waist armor and wrist armor will be upgraded to level 9 within a short period of time.

Simply head over to the dwarven shops to spend your useful resources and as you reach level 9, navigate to Inventory > armor tab and select the piece of armor which you want to alter.

You can transmog the armor by pressing Square and selecting another armor design that you like.

Maxing out the armor is not mandatory. Instead, you must only focus on maxing out the piece of armor which you are looking to equip.

Unique armor such as Lunda’s, Raven Tears, Fallen Stars, and Dragon Scaled need some special treatment since they require special resources. For instance, the Dragon Scaled armor requires you to defeat a dragon enemy and collect the loot from it.

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