How To Defeat The Huntress In God Of War: Ragnarok

The Huntress is one of the main story bosses that you encounter early on in God of War: Ragnarok. She...

The Huntress is one of the main story bosses that you encounter early on in God of War: Ragnarok.

She is a formidable centaur-like creature that uses a bow for a long-range barrage of attacks as well as a powerful lunge attack.

Take note that during the fight, the Huntress will destroy your shield, so you will not be able to block or parry her attacks. You will have to be nimble on your feet to move out of the way of her attacks.

Something most players need to also know is that you can repair your shield later on.

The following guide will tell you how to beat the Huntress in God of War: Ragnarok.

Where to find the Huntress

You will encounter the Huntress in the Lower Wildwoods during the main Surviving Fimbulwinter story quest, the first chapter of the game.

The Huntress will ambush you (Kratos) while following Atreus toward a nearby clearing in the woods.

Best strategy to defeat the Huntress

Undoubtedly, the Huntress is one of the easier mini-bosses that Kratos and his companions will encounter since her health bar and combat strategies are not the strongest. Though, she still acts as a formidable foe during the initial stages of the game.

The battle between Kratos and the Huntress is tricky because she has a long-range weapon, a bow, and an arrow, and constantly maintains a significant distance between Kratos and herself.

This distance allows her to efficiently utilize her long-range bow and arrow, helping her strike arrow after arrow. Another factor fueling the toughness of this battle is the broken shield Kratos currently possesses, which does not allow him to parry any incoming attacks.

Maintain distance from her to dodge attacks

So, as long as the Huntress has maintained a distance between herself and Kratos, she’ll always have the higher ground on the battlefield. She will be shooting flaming arrows toward Kratos during this time, which must be dodged successfully.

Another similar attack she uses is a much more powerful-single shot arrow that she can use twice. This is an unblockable attack that can significantly damage Kratos, so make sure that the players run as far away as possible from the explosion since it has a considerable AoE. However, if Kratos does get hit by this explosion, it will inflict fire damage.

Another attack she uses is explosive arrows that she’ll launch into the surrounding area, requiring Kratos to move away before they explode swiftly.

While dodging, you’ll notice that often at times, there will come a point in the battlefield when her horns start glowing. This indicates a weak spot that Kratos can exploit to deal a massive amount of lethal damage to her.

You can use your Leviathan Axe and the Blades of Chaos to attack her weak spot, which will momentarily put her in a stunned state, bringing her down to her knees. This will give Kratos a perfect chance to further damage her.

Remember Atreus during the fight. Make use of his bow to keep hitting her for continuous damage. This will allow you to channel her stun meter.

The Huntress’ rewards and loot

  • 251x Kratos XP
  • 372x Atreus XP
  • 1x Bonded Leather
  • 1x Frozen Flame
  • 1x Healthstone
  • Winter’s Bite (Light Runic Attack)
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