God Of War: Ragnarok Svartalfheim Nornir Chest Locations

Svartalfheim has more Nornir Chests for you to find and loot for Idunn Apples and Horns of Blood Mead. The two resources help increase your maximum health and rage respectively in God of War: Ragnarok.

However, finding Nornir Chests is only the first step. Each chest has three runes that need to be activated. That is how you can open the chest.

The runes come in various types. Torches need to be ignited with your Blades of Chaos. Idols need to be destroyed. Switches need to be activated. Bells, finally, need to be rung together by detonating them at once with your Draupnir Spear.

The following guide will show all the locations and solutions for Nornir Chests in the Svartalfheim realm. Keep in mind that some of the chests will only be accessible after completing one of the main storyline quests. That has been marked as a spoiler alert below.

Aurvangar Wetlands

Nornir Chest #1 (Idols)

Head right from the twin geysers in the starting area to find the Nornir Chest in the area.

The B Rune is on the rocks behind the chest. The F Rune is on the right of the chest. Next, use your axe to freeze the geyser. Climb up the rocks to find the last, R Rune.

Nornir Chest #2 (Switches)

Sail to the location marked on the map to find an opening in the rocks. Lower yourself to pass through and get out on the shore. Head right to find the Nornir Chest.

Go straight from the chest to find the first switch beyond a geyser. Use your axe to freeze the geyser and hit the left disc once to change it to the D Rune.

Now head left to find the next switch. Hit it once on the right disc to change it to the B Rune.

For the last switch, return to the boat and climb up the wooden ledge nearby. Hit the switch once on the right disc to change it to the N Rune.

Dragon Beach

Nornir Chest #1 (Idols)

Make your way to the southern part of Dragon Beach to find the Nornir Chest. It will be directly ahead of where you dock your boat.

Start by freezing the geyser behind the chest to get the I Rune. Head right to freeze another geyser for the R Rune.

Head right again to the beach for the last geyser where there are a lot of large bones. Freeze it for the F Rune.

Radsvinn’s Rig

Nornir Chest #1 (Torches)

Make your way to the furnace tower in the area. The Nornir Chest is next to the crane.

Light the C Rune left to the chest and then head right. Jump across and destroy the barrels on the left for the R Rune.

Turn around and enter the opening. The N Rune will be behind an iron grill. Look behind you for the grapple point. Climb over there and destroy the red pot inside the cage to light the N Rune.

Alberich Island

Nornir Chest #1 (Bells)

You will spot the Nornir Chest on the beach as soon as you dock your boat on Alberich Island.

Start with the R Rune opposite to the chest. Command Atreus to hit the Soundsound plating to release the R Rune. However, do not strike it just yet.

Head right and hit the wooden paddles to raise the N Rune. Hit the N Rune, go back and hit the R Rune. Finally, go to the chest and hit the C Rune on its right.

Jarnsmida Pitmines

Nornir Chest #1 (Torches)

The next Nornir Chest will be found inside the Jarnsmida Pitmines. As you soon as enter the area, freeze the water trough on your right to lower the wooden shoot. Use it to grapple over to the other side.

You must ignite three Runes to unlock the chest. The first, R Rune is right beside the chest.

Jump down from the ledge to your left to find the C Rune.

The R Rune can be found by going through the blocked passage to your left. To unlock the passage, you must unfreeze the chute, which will also blow out the second rune, so you need to ignite it once more.

After you open the passage, grapple over to the other side, ignite the third rune, head back and freeze the shoot once more. Now ignite the second rune to unlock the chest.

Spoiler Alert

The remaining Nornir Chests will only be accessible after completing the mainline Forging Destiny quests. You have, hence, been warned about potential story spoilers ahead that could ruin your experience.

Myrkr Tunnels

Nornir Chest #1 (Torches)

The Nornir Chest can be found in the main tunnel, right on the fork at the end.

When you find the chest, turn around for the N Rune. Then destroy the barrels on the left for the C Rune.

Finally, the R Rune is left of the chest. However, the way forward is blocked. You need to strike the oil barrel on the right of the R Rune to spill oil. Then use the barrel on the left to ignite the oil which will get you the R Rune.

The Forge

Nornir Chest #1 (Totems)

From the train tracks, head down the wooden walkway and turn left. Turn right from the fork and climb the ledge. You will spot a heart painted on a rock. The Nornir Chest is just on its right.

The B Rune is on the side of the cliff opposite the chest. Then look over the cliff to spot the I Rune. Head back the way you came until you spot the overturned cart. The F Rune is left of it, above the rocks.

The Applecore

Nornir Chest #1 (Totems)

Use the Mystic Gateway in the Aurvangar Wetlands and then take the ferry to the Sverd Sands. Now take the elevator to return to The Applecore.

On your second visit, keep an eye out for the Rope Frame. Use your spear to create a zipline and head down. When you enter the new room, find the wind vent on the right. Climb up and follow the path to find the Nornir Chest.

Stand at the edge of the cliff left of the chest to spot both the N and C Runes. Head back to climb up the two ledges to the right of the chest to find the R Rune.

Nornir Chest #2 (Totems)

You will have to make your way to the other side of The Applecore to find the next Nornir Chest.

Head north from where you found the first Nornir Chest in The Applecore. Climb the wall and go straight until you spot a fissured boulder. Use your spear to destroy the boulder.

Swing across and follow the tunnel to a new room. Look for the crawlspace on the left. Turn left into the second crawlspace and go through the wooden doors.

Head right across the wall and go straight, through the waterfall. Drop below on your first right and go under the bridge. Swing on your left and go through double doors.

Use your spear on the wind vent on your left and make your way to the platform above. You will find the Nornir Chest here in the right corner.

Head right from the chest and stand at the edge. Throw your axe to freeze the waterfall ahead. This will reveal the B Rune.

Now head left of the chest to find the F Rune. Keep going further until you come across some gold rocks. Use the red pot to destroy the blockade for the final, I Rune.

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