God Of War Ragnarok Rond Of Affliction Location

A good defense is as important as a good offense in any battle. In God of War Ragnarok, you will...

A good defense is as important as a good offense in any battle. In God of War Ragnarok, you will find many attachments that will improve your shield and defense. Rond of Affliction is one of those attachments for your shield in God of War Ragnarok and here we will tell you how to find and use it.

What does Rond of Affliction do?

Attachments help to enhance the performance of your weapons and shield. You get a variation in your abilities by equipping these attachments and items.

Rond of Affliction is basically a shield attachment. It is advantageous to use against a stunned enemy. Performing a shield attack on an enemy that has a status effect will cause an explosion while consuming the status effect.

This attachment goes well with any buff or attack that can stun an enemy. You can consider Hilt of Gram for instance. These will stun the enemy making him open to Shield Strike.

God of War Ragnarok Rond of Affliction Location

You just simply need to go to The Barrens in Alfheim as shown in the picture above. There will be a cave with a narrow entrance. Just enter that cave.

You will notice that there are three of those regenerative tendrils. You need to eliminate these to get to the chest that is lying in the far-left corner of the cave.

To eliminate these, look to your left, there will be a blue reflecting surface. Aim at it and you will see the reflection path of your strike. When you throw the Leviathan axe on it, it will bounce right and hit the upper two glowing tendrils, will come towards the third pillar and then you will get your axe back.

You need to throw the axe on that blue reflective surface in a way that the axe, when bounced right, hits all three tendrils. Once you have hit all of them, they will disappear. Just go to the far-left corner of the cave, and there will be a glowing chest. Interact with it and you will find Rond of Affliction inside that chest.

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