God of War Ragnarok Review Embargo Date Revealed, Previews on October 21

Thanks to different video games journalists, we now know about God of War Ragnarok review embargo date and time. If the tweets are correct, the game’s review embargo will be ending on November 3, while previews for the game will be starting on October 21, this Friday.

The game doesn’t actually release until November 9, but reviewers and content creators being able to preview it for a few weeks beforehand does give Sony Santa Monica more time to generate even more buzz about the game, which is already highly-anticipated.

Considering how critically acclaimed the previous game was, we can hopefully expect even more praise for its sequel, especially since this God of War game promises to be even bigger and better than the last, with more exposure to the Norse pantheon at the onset of Ragnarok, the end of the world in Norse mythology.

What previews and trailers we’ve already seen for the game showcase locations and characters both old and new, including the Norse god of war, Tyr–often alluded to but never seen in the previous game–Angrboda, who in Norse myth is Loki’s wife and known as the “Mother of Monsters”, and Skoll and Hatti, the two wolves who chase the sun and moon.

Along with this are new threats to contend with. Another returning character, the goddess Freya, desires revenge on Kratos and Atreus for killing her son Baldr, and with the onset of Ragnarok, we know that the god Thor also is after the Ghost of Sparta.

With Ragnarok supposed to result in the deaths of essentially every Norse god in a gigantic final punch-up, only time will tell just how many other gods we actually get to see over the course of the story. Scale is always a big part of God of War, especially with world-ending conflicts, so hopefully previews will show us more of the scale that an event like Ragnarok promises.

Once again, God of War: Ragnarok will release on November 9 for the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

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