God Of War Ragnarok Niflheim Legendary Chest Locations

Legendary chests in God of War Ragnarok contain ammunition, amulets, runic attacks, and many other resources that boost the strength of Kratos. The following guide will tell you where to find all Legendary Chests in Niflheim, the third realm you will visit in God of War: Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok Niflheim legendary chest locations

Here is the list of the regions where these chests are present:

  • The Raven Tree
  • Aesir Prison Wreckage

Legendary Chests 1-6 (The Raven Tree)

To locate the first 6 Legendary Chests visit the Raven Tree on the south side of Brok’s workshop and Mystic Gateway. These legendary chests are easy to spot but require a bit of grinding to open up. Simply collecting Odin’s Ravens across the nine realms to unlock these legendary chests.

You get access to one chest for each milestone you achieve in Raven collection

  • 6 ravens
  • 12 ravens
  • 18 ravens
  • 28 ravens
  • 38 ravens
  • 48 ravens

Aesir Prison Wreckage legendary chest

To find this chest you need to visit the topmost floor of the Aesir Prison. It’s not that much easy to get there as it sounds, rather you’ll find yourself trapped in a puzzle.

To get to the top floor, first, you’ll have to fight off all the enemies on the first floor and then with the aid of two Wind Vent frames swing yourself down. Use the chain cranks to move out the Wind Vents.

Through the Vents get to the bottom floor. From here hop up to the swing pole on the Eastern side to get from Floor 1 to Floor 2.

There will be a chain crank on the North-Western corner of a room on this floor. You need to use this chain crack to raise room a Wind Pole frame high to a level.

Once done, head towards your south and notice that there’s a window (blue-framed). You’ll have to vault through this window into a room.

Once you’re in the room, turn the other way. Just at the top of your head there will be a cracked wall. Use the Blades of Chaos to get yourself to Floor 2. Once you find yourself at the top, to the North end there will be a gate. Push the gate open using a grapple point.

Once you’re inside, look towards your right side. Climb yourself up to Floor 4, where this Legendary Chest is present by the means of swing pole, the same you moved a bit earlier.

This Legendary chest contains accessory with Nocked Proficiency accessory. This gives you an ability to shoot an extra arrow with every third Runic Arrow that’s fired.

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