God Of War Ragnarok Muspelheim Nornir Chest Locations

While playing God of War: Ragnarok, you are sure to have encountered chests that have three symbols on them, and you need to either activate or deactivate all three symbols to open the chests. These chests are called Nornir Chests, and a number of these can be found in all the Nine Realms in God of War Ragnarok including Muspelheim, containing upgrade materials and even new runic power-ups.

To open Nornir Chests in GoW Ragnarok, you have three different methods of activating or deactivating the seals.

  • Ringing three bells by throwing your Axe at them.
  • Destroying three idols to unlock the chest.
  • Finding and burning three braziers using Blades of Chaos to unlock the chest.

With this, let us look at all the Nornir Chests in Muspelheim realm of God of War Ragnarok.

Burning Cliffs Nornir chest

The first Nornir Chest is in the Burning Cliffs area of Muspelheim. For this, turn right from the Crucible mystic gateway and follow the path you and Atreus took to find Surtr. On your way, after you cross the lavafall, look for the stone that you need to break using your spear, and behind it is the first Nornir Chest.

You need to burn the tree braziers to open the chest. None of the braziers are in the range of your Blades of Chaos so you need flame arrows to burn them.

Brazier 1

The first Brazier is directly above the Nornir Chest. You need to use two arrows to burn the first brazier.

Brazier 2

The second Brazier you need to burn is opposite of the chest. Look across the cliff in front of the chest to see the brazier.

Again, set up three magic fields using Atreus or Freyr and set the brazier ablaze.

Brazier 3

The third brazier is outside of the area the chest is in. Go back to the path you came from and turn right, ahead to the dead end. Here, you can see the brazier across the burning path.

The Crucible Nornir chest

The last Nornir chest in Muspelheim is pretty easy to find but not so easy to get. This nornir chest is basically a reward for completing the Muspelheim trials or Crucible challenges. Completing the first 6 trials will automatically unlock this chest as a reward.

So find the Muspelheim Seeds, unlock and complete The Crucible favor and you will get this nornir chest.

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