God Of War Ragnarok Midgard Artifact Locations

Each region in God of War Ragnarok has a list of collectible items you need to find as you explore the game world. One such collectible are artifacts, available in all nine realms. These artifacts are divided into two categories; stolen treasures and Kvasir’s Poems. In this guide, we will explain where to find each artifact in Midgard in God of War Ragnarok.

When you wander around these realms in search of these items more information about the game’s universe and characters will be revealed to you as well as the chance of optional boss encounters. Finding these items will offer you significant rewards.

God Of War Ragnarok Midgard artifact locations

Artifacts are special/rare collectible objects, scattered across the Nine Realms. When you’re anywhere near these items, they glow purple making them easier to spot and collect. Here is the list of locations where you can find them:

Lake of Nine artifacts


Head northeast from Tyr’s Temple towards the small island. You will see some stairs leading upwards on the south side of the island. Follow them and the Kila artifact will be next to a dead body.


Northeast of Tyr’s Temple is a room, to the right of Raider’s Stronghold entrance, that is filled with snow. Get inside that room and Janbiya artifact can be easily picked up.


Go under the bridge that leads into Tyr’s Temple, over the frozen lake, on the snow there you will find Maya stolen treasure next to a propped-up dead body.

Shores of Nine artifacts


Head north of Tyr’s Temple to the big structure shown in the image below

Once there, look for a climbable wall that you can use your chaos blades to access. Climb up and you will see a grapple spot that you can use to swing across. On the other side, inside a cavern will be the next stolen treasure; Fert artifact.

The Derelict Outpost artifacts


To find Lyre, you will have to visit the Derelict Outpost, the ruins, which can be located by going towards the South-West region from the Lake of Nine. During the way, you’ll cross against the first and then the second wooden crane, which with the help of a chain, you’ll have to raise to a position.

Once done, use the grapple point to get across the gap. From here, you need to drop down the ledge. Here you will fight off three Wisps to get your hands on this Artifact which lies next to a corpse.

The Oarsman artifacts


Turn right from where you found the legendary chest in The Oarsman that gives you jewel of Yggdrasil and look under the stairs. The Ankh artifact is under those stairs, that you just came down from.

Kvasir’s Poems – The Dead Do Not Ride

Inside one of the larger boats, there is a room. It is where you can find Kvasir’s Poem. It is the first room of the Oarsman. However, the room can not be accessed, until you climb back above the ground and then fight off the Stalker.

Then you have to pull the chain, which will move the boat. Once done, get down and open the gate back to the entrance area. Then return to the entrance area and leap over the wall present on the left side of the Nornir Chest. Then climb into the boat, and onto the top, there will be Kvasir’s Poem.

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