God Of War: Ragnarok Jotunheim Legendary Chest Locations

There are more Legendary Chests waiting to be found in Jotunheim, the sixth realm that you can explore in God of War: Ragnarok.

However, unlike the collectibles in the other realms, the Legendary Chests of Jotunheim are untracked by the game and are not needed for a 100 percent completion. Their rewards may still prove worthwhile though.

The following guide will help you find all the Legendary Chests in Jotunheim.


Legendary Chest #1 (Rampaging Ibex)

Reach the marked location on the map by using two grapple points on your way to cross the gaps. You will be able to spot the Legendary Chest from the top after you destroy the barrier in your way.

There are some Nightmares here that you must clear before looting the chest.

Vimur River

Legendary Chest #1 (Runestone Refinement)

The next Legendary Chest can be found when Angrbroda and Arteus get attacked by some Draugrs while skipping stones on the river. Fend them off, and mount the yak.

As you move along the river look above to your right to find the Legendary Chest next to a painted rock structure, atop a giant tree stump.

Circle to the left of the river to find a point to climb. Take Jalla’s help to leap up to the platform and once up, turn around to see a grapple point.

Use it to swing over the huge gap between the Legendary chest.

Idi’s Sinkhole

Legendary Chest #1 (Runic Potency)

You can enter a cave system by reaching the bottom of Idi’s Sinkhole and then crawling through a tight space. Straight up ahead you’ll find a red plant which will be used as the reference point.

Climb over the ledge to the left of the red plant, beside a torch. Ask Angrbroda to light up the torch.

Continue along the path on the left and then head up the right ledge. Light up the torch beside this ledge.

Continue forward, light up the torch in front of you and climb the ledge beside it.

Now move forward hugging the right side where you’ll encounter a fallen column, light up the torch next to it, and slide over it.

Stick to the right to reach a bridge. Head across this bridge and ignite the torch at its end before crossing the second bridge.

Ignite the torch on your left and continue forward before turning the corner. Light up the torch at the end of this tunnel.

Now head left and ignite the last torch, before dropping down toward the chest below.

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