God Of War Ragnarok Hel Tear Locations

Mid-way through God of War Ragnarök, a chaotic event brings forth tears across the nine realms, allowing Hel Walkers to roam free, bringing chaos wherever they go. These Hel Walkers are threats for both Kratos and his companions, so naturally, this activates a favor, Hel to Pay, that requires Kratos to close these Hel Tears in God of War Ragnarok

Each time, the player closes a Hel Tear, they’re awarded six Frozen Sparks, which can later be used to upgrade Kratos’ Leviathan Axe.

God of War Ragnarok Hel Tear locations

There are a total of six Hel Tears in GoW Ragnarok that need to be closed down during the missions or even after you’ve completed your main storyline. This means that you can take your time, finding these realm tears one by one since they’re practically unmissable.

Sindri’s House – Nilfheim

The first Hel Tear is hard to miss and easy to track down. It is located in Sindri’s House, Niflheim. This Hel Tear does not require you to put in much effort, since it closes on its own, solving half the problem by itself.

The Gleaming Bale – Helheim

This Realm Tear is unmissable since it is encountered during the Reunion mission in God of War Ragnarok. You’ll come across this Hel Tear, while you’ll be traveling through Helheim, traveling below the Docks of Vadgelmir.

Eventually, you’ll come across the shipyard of the fallen, near which you’ll encounter the Gleaming Bale. This is the area around which you’ll come across your second Hel Tear, which upon completion will officially prompt the favor for you.

Aurvangar Wetlands – Svartalfheim

To find this Hel Tear, Kratos will have to traverse through the Aurvangar Wetlands in Svartalfheim. Mark the right side of the Wetlands in your map, and travel towards it, where eventually you’ll come across a shore. There you’ll notice a scaffolding, which you should climb over, and you’ll come across your third Hel Tear.

The Strond – Alfheim

god of war ragnarok hel tear locations

Before reaching The Canyons in Alfheim, open your map and check the exterior area in The Strond. You’ll come across the Realm Tear, which is located before you head off into the waterlogged areas ahead.

The Southern Wilds – Vanaheim

god of war ragnarok hel tear locations

This Realm Tear in God of War Ragnarok can be found right in front of the Southern Wilds Mystic Gateway. On your map, you can mark the area which is located between the Southern Wilds and the Veiled passage, which is the area your search should be focused upon.

Well of Urd – Midgard

god of war ragnarok hel tear locations

This Realm Tear is relatively easier to find since it is found on the snowy cliffsides at the edge of the map that leads towards the Well of Urd. Here, you’ll come across your last Hel Tear.

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