How To Defeat Berserker Haklangr In God Of War Ragnarok

Haklangr is a dangerous boss that uses a giant hammer to annihilate his opponenets. It can get tricky for you to defeat this berserker boss since his attacks deal significant damage. If you are struggling to take down the optional Berserker Haklangr boss in God of War Ragnarok, allow us to explain how you can defeat this monster.

Where to find Haklangr the Bearded in GoW Ragnarok

Like other berserkers in Ragnarok, Haklangr is also a miniboss that spawns once Kratos interacts with a specific berserker gravestone.

After getting to The Sinkholes, head southwest toward the Celestial Altar. There you will see some stairs, and all you have to do is get to the bottom to find the Berserker gravestone.

You have to interact with the gravestone to start the battle with the Haklangr the Bearded.

How to defeat Berserker Haklangr in God of War Ragnarok

Haklangr will use a shield to protect his energy throughout the battle after some intervals. This will prevent you from depleting his health.

Moreover, he has some dangerous attacks in which he slams you with his giant hammer. For example, in one of his attacks, he will get back and leap toward you and hit the hammer.

It could damage you severely if you failed to dodge it. Besides that, he will use an attack in which he jumps and tries to hit you with the hammer.

He will also use an AoE attack in which he slams the hammer on the ground. Again, you can know the range of this attack as a green circle will be formed when he uses this attack.

Now that you know about some of his deadly attacks, it’s time to tell you about the best Strategy you can follow to defeat this boss.

To tackle his shield, you should use the Draupnir Spear. It will destroy his guard and give you an open window to land some good hits.

While fighting this boss, your reflexes will be tested a lot. All you have to do is focus on rolling away from his attacks and doing the counterattacks.

Like when he slams the hammer into the ground, you can hit him with your best moves. The boss can’t move quickly because of the heavy hammer while involved in the melee encounters.

You have to get into a melee encounter with him as much as possible, especially right after he attacks you, to lower his health significantly.

For AoE attacks, rolling out of the range is your only option. The boss will raise his hammer before performing that attack, and you should run away as soon as the boss does that to avoid it.

Right after the attack, get close and do some heavy damage-dealing combo attacks. You have to follow this Strategy patiently to take out this boss.

If you try to finish the fight quickly, the boss’s heavy hammer can take you out in a few successful hits.


You will get the following rewards for defeating Haklangr the Bearded in GoW Ragnarok:

  • Chaos Flame
  • Tempered Remnants x5
  • Bonded Leather x60
  • Shattered Runes x75

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