How To Get Hacksilver Fast In God Of War: Ragnarok

Hacksilver returns in God of War: Ragnarok as the primary in-game currency that you use to upgrade your weapons and...

Hacksilver returns in God of War: Ragnarok as the primary in-game currency that you use to upgrade your weapons and armor.

You can earn Hacksilver in a number of ways in the game. You will find a lot of Hacksilver over the course of your progression but that will not be enough to unlock all of your gear upgrades.

You will eventually need to start farming Hacksilver by doing most of the side quests and activities. The following guide will tell you exactly how to farm Hacksilver fast in God of War: Ragnarok.

How to farm Hacksilver in God of War: Ragnarok?

Open all chests

There are several Legendary Chests scattered all over the nine realms. Make sure to find and open all of them. Some of them will give you a good amount of Hacksilver.

Destroy all objects

You will always find objects like pots and boxes placed in the environment. Make sure to destroy them for additional resources. Some of them will reward you with Hacksilver. It may be less but adding all of that over the course of your progression will amount to a lot in the end.

Complete all favors

Completing the many side quests in God of War: Ragnarok is necessary for a 100-percent completion run. That is in addition to earning valuable loot.

When you find any favors take the time to complete them. They will reward you with Hacksilver, crafting materials, and more.

Sell your old gear and artifacts

There is no point to hoard gear in God of War: Ragnarok. It is far better to free up your inventory space by selling your old items to Brok or Sindri for Hacksilver. You can also sell completed artifacts.

Increase your luck stat

Luck is one of the several stats you can improve in the game. The higher Luck you have, the more chance there is to gain bonus XP and Hacksilver.

Most players tend to focus on improving their power and vitality stats to aid in combat. That holds true but still, do not ignore Luck as it plays an important role in helping you upgrade your gear early on.

Use the Wishing Well

There is a Wishing Well in Vanaheim which can be accessed after completing the Favor: Scent of Survival (available for play after Main Quest 13: Creatures of Prophecy).

You can reach the Wishing Well in two directions; from the Sinkholes or the Jungle. Once reached, throw crystal shards in the water to receive a good amount of Hacksilver alongside different crafting material.

Also, the more yellow crystals you collect, the higher the rate of Hacksilver you will receive. Therefore, destroy and collect all the yellow crystals near the Carter area of Vanaheim. 

Defeat all 10 Remnants of Asgard

To earn Hacksilver in a short period of time, you must defeat all 10 Remnants of Asgard. Do note that they only spawn in the endgame once you’ve finished the main story.

At each location of the enemy, you’ll find Red Remnant Chests that contain 25,000 – 250,000 Hacksilver. The combined Hacksilver you’ll receive from the 10 Remnants is a whopping 1-2 million within just a few minutes. 

Complete the Muspelheim Trials

This is the best way to farm Hacksilver in GoW Ragnarok. Competing in the Muspelheim Trials will grant from 1,000-10,000 Hacksilver per Trial. Initially, you’ll receive 1,000 on lower equipment levels but as you start completing the story, you can take part in the higher Hacksilver Trials. 

The best part is that this trial is an infinite bug glitch and is stuck in a loop. Meaning, you can repeat the trials you completed and earn more Hacksilver’s every time to complete the trials. Making it the best way to earn Hacksilver. You’ll unlock this trial after completing the Main Quest 10: Forging Destiny

Can I upgrade everything in God of War: Ragnarok?

Yes, you will be able to unlock all upgrades by the end of the game. In fact, you will have more than enough Hacksilver, so do not be afraid of upgrading your gear as soon as you have enough Hacksilver.

You earn around 1,000 Hacksilver in the early game, which increases to around 20,000 Hacksilver in the late game. The idea of knowing how to farm Hacksilver fast is to upgrade your gear as quickly as possible.

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