How To Get Darkdale Armor In God Of War: Ragnarok

The Darkdale armor set is one of two dozen armor sets that you can unlock for Kratos in God of...

The Darkdale armor set is one of two dozen armor sets that you can unlock for Kratos in God of War: Ragnarok.

The set comprises three armor pieces for the chest, waist, and wrist. That is in addition to a new Darkdale-themed grip and handles for the Leviathan Axe and the Blades of Chaos respectively.

The armor set is not just for show. The Darkdale armor set is one of the best and most powerful armor sets you can give to Kratos to dominate the early game in God of War: Ragnarok.

However, unlike most of the other sets, getting hold of the Darkdale armor is a bit of an exclusive matter. The following guide will explain more.

How to unlock the Darkdale armor set

The Darkdale armor set can only be unlocked by purchasing the God of War: Ragnarok deluxe edition which currently costs $80 on PlayStation 5. If you have the base version, you can upgrade to the deluxe edition by paying another $10.

However, even when you own the deluxe edition, there are still a few steps that you need to take in the game before you can start using the new armor set.

Complete the first chapter, Surviving Fimbulwinter, in which you will defeat Thor. Then proceed with Atreus to uncover the Secrets of Tyr.

You will then meet Sindri who will take you both to his new home in the Realm Between Realms through a Mystic Gateway. Brok is running his new shop from here. This is also where you will be coming over the course of your progression to upgrade your Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos.

Once the dialogues have ended, leave the shop. Brok will then remind you about the chest of lost possessions which can be found in any one of Brok’s or Sindri’s shops across the nine realms.

Take note that if you lose any items over the course of your progression, forget to collect loot after defeating a boss, or leave behind any gear or materials, you can recover them from this chest.

Head back inside the shop to interact with the chest by pressing O on your controller and you will receive your Darkdale armor set.

Darkdale armor set stats and skills

The Darkdale armor set not only gives Kratos a massive power-level boost in the early game but also new skills to use in battle.

The Darkdale Plackart improves both your defense and strength stats, making the early-game bosses like the Huntress and Alva fairly easier to defeat. Equipping the Darkdale Plackart also gives you the Enraged Slayer skill which allows you to restore health and rage by killing enemies in Spartan Rage.

The Darkdale Arm Guards further improve your strength stats while also increasing your Raging Affliction II skill. This helps you generate more Rage while attacking enemies afflicted with status effects.

The Darkdale Waist Guard also gives you a Raging Affliction II boost and improves your defense stats.

Finally, we have the weapons. The Darkdale grip for the Leviathan Axe will improve your cooldowns and strength stats, as well as give you the Deadly Awakening skill. This allows you to do a Frost Shockwave after killing enemies with a Frost Awaken attack.

The Darkdale handles for the Blades of Chaos, on the other hand, improve your luck and strength stats. Most importantly, Kratos will have the Deadly Flames skill to create a Burn Shockwave by killing enemies with a Flame Whiplash.

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