God Of War: Ragnarok Alfheim Nornir Chest Locations

Nornir Chests are different from Legendary Chests in God of War: Ragnarok. While both are collectibles to find and loot in the game, you need to solve a puzzle to unlock Nornir Chests.

Every Nornir Chest you come across will be covered in a few runes. You need to find and activate all of those runes nearby to unlock the chest.

Take note that there are two ways to activate runes. Nornir Chests will either require you to light rune torches or destroy bells in a limited time frame.

Nornir Chests give you either Idunn Apples to increase your maximum health or Horns of Blood Mead to increase your rage.

Looting all Nornir chests in the game is how you increase your survival chances against some of the most difficult late-game bosses like Thor and Odin.

The following guide will tell you where to find all Nornir Chests in Alfheim in God of War: Ragnarok.

  • The Strond
  • Temple of Light
  • The Below
  • The Barrens
  • The Forbidden Sands

The Strond

Nornir Chest #1 (Torches)

Slip through the gap after you come across the campfire early in the chapter. Take a left from the fork ahead and then jump down the ledge to find the Nornir Chest.

While facing the chest, look behind you on the edge of the cliff to find the C Rune. For the N Rune, go past the chest and turn left for the wooden scaffolding.

The R Rune is above the N Rune. Head back to the area from where you first dropped down for the chest. Head right and climb the ledge to find the R Rune below on your left.

Nornir Chest #2 (Bells)

There is a Nornir Chest in the middle of the area with the giant tree at the marked location.

The first, H Rune is next to the chest along the rocks on the right. The N Rune is behind the tree, on the rocks above. For the F Rune, head back to the broken bridge and look to the right.

Temple of Light

Nornir Chest #1 (Bells)

After forming a light bridge with the help of Tyr, head up the stairs to find this Nornir Chest at the base of the stairs.

The R Rune is directly in front of you. Take a few steps back and you will find the C Rune on a balcony left of the R Rune.

The R Rune is directly in front of you. Take a few steps back and you will find the C Rune on a balcony left of the R Rune.

Finally, the N Rune. It is located in the corridor across the chest. While standing near the chest, throw your axe at the Twilight Stone. This will give you enough time to ring the other two runes.

The Below

Nornir Chest #1 (Bells)

Reaching this Nornir Chest requires a little effort. You will have to clear the way across the chasm by cutting down three Nest Vines. You must also unlock the two wooden doors near the chest.

The chest is found near the first door while the other door is accessed from the right side after you have traversed the chasm and moved down from the ledge.

The C Rune is found on the left side facing the Nornir Chest. The R Rune is found in the door near the chest. The N Rune is found stuck on a window after entering the top door.

The Barrens

Nornir Chest #1 (Torches)

You will find this Nornir Chest on an island of rocks in the northern section of the desert. The first thing you need to do is clear the Nest Vines.

Make your way east of the dead tree and position yourself at the base of the cliff wall. This will give you an angle to cut down all three Nest Vines at once.

The C Rune is left of the chest. The N Rune is on the other side of the island, right behind the chest.

The R Rune is on top of the elven structure. Destroy the red pot on its right to get the R Rune.

The Forbidden Sands

Nornir Chest #1 (Torches)

Find the falling pillar in the southwestern corner of the Forbidden Sands. Make your way under the pillar to find the Nornir Chest.

The N Rune is already near the chest. The C Rune is located on the rock formation right in front of you as you come back outside. You need to create two Hex Bubbles to light the C Rune.

Now head to the right of the C Rune to find the R Rune between two ledges above. You need to create more Hex Bubbles here as well to set off a chain reaction.

Nornir Chest #2 (Torches)

You can only get this Nornir Chest after completing the Song of the Sands favor. That is the only way to remove the storm.

Head to the Elven Sanctuary in the northeast corner of the area. With the storm gone, you can destroy the cracked wall to jump below into the Elven Sanctum. The Nornir Chest is here underground.

First things first. Cut down the Nest Vines by throwing your axe at the Twilight Stone as shown below.

Now, use your Hex Arrows and Sigil Arrows to create a chain of fireball explosions that will light the torches. Start with the N Rune that is located left of the Nornir Chest. There is a campfire close by. Fire a Sigil Arrow at the campfire to explode and light the N Rune.

The C Rune is on the other side of the chasm. Stand in the position shown below and create two large Hex Bubbles to catch the campfire nearby just like you did with the N Rune.

The Rune is a bit tricky to get. It can only be lit after you have managed to light the C Rune. That is because the flame from the C Rune is going to explode your Hex Bubbles.

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