God of War On Playstation 4 Will Have A Photo Mode, Will Come After The Game’s Launch

We’ve recently talked about how awesome God of War looks on PlayStation 4 Pro and how its 4K resolution really adds up to it. That doesn’t mean though that its standard edition will be any less stunning and to top that the developers will complement it with a photo mode after its release so that you can save your favorite scenes to share with the world.

Cory Barlog the director of God Of War, who is claimed to be a perfectionist, revealed that a photo mode will be indeed coming to the game, however, it must be perfect. During a recent interview on Daily Star he claimed:

“The photo mode is undoubtedly one of the things we are thinking about, but it must be something really cool, people have recently raised the bar for Photo Mode, and now I do not want to talk about it too much, because I think that we have to get to work to create something really cool”

Don’t expect the photo mode to be out right away though. Barlog has revealed that he likes the scheme where this feature is implemented after the game’s release:

“A lot of games kind of finish and they shortly after the release put a really cool photo mode out. So I think I’d like to follow suit in that respect and put something out”

“Something where I think ‘that’s great’. Like something that can stand toe-to-toe with some of the better photo modes out there.”

In related news, Barlog has revealed that God of War will have a weird sense of humor. The Norse Mythology already has a very dark kind of humor and while he has been researching and reading a lot of stuff, he came to an understanding that the Norse Mythology contains a lot of dark, weird yet amazing humor. This will be the kind of humor we’ll se when the game releases on April 20th, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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