God of War New Game Plus Is Under Discussion, Might Come In The Future

There’s no denying that God of War is one of the most polished video game titles that we’ve seen over the past years. However, now that the “dust” is set and the exploration is pretty much over for most players, we can’t help but think; Will there be a God of War New Game Plus coming in the future?

Cory Barlog, director of God of War, has stated during a discussion with GamingBolt that he wants a God of War New Game Plus mode to be implemented in the base game. However, he states that, while a new game plus was a feature they wanted to bring to God of War, there was not enough time for the developers to add it before the release. Here’s his statement:

New Game Plus is something I wanted so badly, right? And it is this Sophie’s choice you have to consciously make as you enter the last eight months of working on a game.

You have a huge list of features, and so many of these things kind of get pushed down the list. And, the impact, the involvement of New Game Plus, kept pushing it further down the list, because keeping it would cause a lot of other stuff, and a lot of other stuff meant stability, and polish, would be delayed.

I don’t think there’s anyone here who didn’t want to do New Game Plus, we just kept running out of time. Because, I think, what people don’t realize is, “you had five years, you had so much time!” No, we literally worked to the last second, refining and polishing, and tuning, and trying to make this as perfect as possible.

While Barlog doesn’t make any announcements or promises, he seems excited about the idea of creating God of War New Game Plus. He continues the conversation by stating that he’ll keep trying to convince the team to make it happen but they’ll have to “see where it shakes out”.

God of War manages to stay at the top of several charts for a fifth consecutive week. That aside, the game managed to become the fastest selling first-party title for Sony with more than 3.1M copies sold in just three days.

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