God Of War Main Story Is 19 Hours Long Claim Early Players

God of War is releasing in 10 days but some lucky ones had the chance to get their hands on it since yesterday. The thing that we were more concerned about is its playtime and as it’s reported, you won’t have that much fun if you head straight for the main story ending.

Users on Reddit are already speaking their mind about their experience with God of War on Playstation 4. A user named  DayRider revealed that the game’s main story, without doing any side quests or mini-bosses is 19 hours long, something that falls into Cory Barlog’s estimations of it being somewhere around 30 hours overall to finish.

This statement was later confirmed by user 310DDiddy who claimed to have finished the game in 18 hours and 45 minutes. For what it’s worth you should take this whole report with a grain of salt until the game officially releases.

Cory Barlog has previously revealed that God of War’s average game length is beyond anything the studio has created up until now. To prove it he stated that one of the designers has finished the game in 43 hours while he knew what to do.

Either way, most games with a single player campaign have a massive amount of side quests and activities to get lost in while following the main story. You can say that in most cases you spend more time into doing extra activities than its main quests. Games like the Witcher 3 has proven to us that you get a lot more than you pay for when a game has more to it than a linear campaign.

Through leaked retail copies of God of War, we get to find out that its file size is actually around 50Gb which is a bit more than what we first knew. Thankfully, preload for God of War will be available two days prior to its release.

God Of War is scheduled to roll out on 20th April for PS4 exclusively. As it has been revealed, the game’s review embargo will lift on 12th April, 8 days before the actual release.

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