God Of War Looks Promising On PS4 Pro, No Need To Worry About 4K Being Downgraded

When it comes to video game graphics, Digital Foundry is the place you check to see a full tech showcase of each one. This time God of War goes under the microscope to determine if there’s a downgrade of its 4K graphics on Playstation 4, as many fans claimed.

According to Digital Foundry, God of War is in promising condition graphics-wise, with both Kratos and his environment being presented to the tiniest detail. Much like Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War also uses a form of checkerboard rendering to reach a native 4K pixel count, so it’s not downgraded in any way.

The video suggests that God of War is even sharper than Horizon Zero Dawn by claiming it’s “shaping up to be one of the cleanest games available on the platform.”

What’s even more exciting is how good Kratos looks in 4K. There are fine details on his armor and accessories that really step up the game from the previous ones. Even the movement of its clothing during battle feels natural making it even more immersive.

Another thing worth mentioning, according to Digital Foundry, is the visual adaptation of particles in God of War. As they say, Santa Monica Studios took a long break with this after games like Infamous: Second Son that used particles so masterfully, however, this feature looks amazing in the upcoming title. You can tell by the fire particles after you kill a mob or the glow particles your shield creates after being used that the studio gave its all to make this game a visual masterpiece.

As we see it, there’s no reason to think that God of War will look anything less than perfect when it releases in April. This title might have been a major shift in the franchise since most things we knew about it are gone but we’re looking at a stellar triple-A title right here.

God of War is releasing on April 20, exclusively for the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro.


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