God of War Landsuther Collectibles Locations Guide

As is the case with any game of the sort, there are a lot of different collectibles that can be found in each level of God of War. Landsuther has a fair bit of collectibles for you to find, and this God of War Landsuther Collectibles Guide will be your companion through it.

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God of War Landsuther Collectibles Locations

You can gain access to the Landsuther mines through the side quest ‘Deus Ex Malachite’. This can be accessed by talking to Brok at one of his shops. You can find a Shop, a Mystic Gateway and two Odin’s Ravens in the mines.

Let us go ahead and see where to find all of the aforementioned collectibles. Before we begin, God of War 4 Collectibles found in Landsuther include:

  • x1 Shop
  • x2 Odin’s Ravens
  • x1 Mystic Gateway

Collectible #1 – Shop
The shop is quite easy to find, look for it when on your way to the mines. It can be found right below the Raven.

Collectible #2 – Mystic Gateway
A Mystic Gateway can also be found in the same place, right below the Eaven.


Collectible #3 – Odin’s Raven
There are two Ravens to be found, one of them can be found when going into the Mines. The previous two collectibles are found right below the Raven.

Collectible #4 – Odin’s Raven
The second Raven can be found towards the end of the Mines. Finish the quest given to you by Brok and head back into the mines. Climb the first chain on your left to get to the final room of the mines. Here, the Raven can be found on top of a rock.

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