New God Of War Gameplay Video Shows Fight With A Troll And More Exploration

God of War is releasing in a few weeks bringing a new story to get excited about and possibly a Game of the Year nomination. Sony has revealed some more information about the game through a new gameplay video which showcases trolls, treasure chests and the fun of being lost in a story-driven title.

In the video, Kratos and Atreus are facing a Troll mini-boss, which looks like a pretty angry fella. As developers reveal, trolls have their own language with which they can communicate giving them more character. In this fight, the troll makes impulsive rough movements, giving Kratos the opportunity to take him out from afar.

Furthermore, Santa Monica Studio has enriched the video with beautiful exploration footage. We get to see how Kratos unseals treasure chests and look around campsites for clues with the help of Atreus.

At the same time, it’s being revealed that the center of attention in the new God of War is the relationship of the protagonist with his son, taking on responsibility and trying to be a role model. Now, Kratos has to keep his temper in some situations and not act like his old self like we always knew. Atreus won’t be yet another companion, dragging you down in fights to protect them. He’ll be an active character, making remarks on things he sees as his bond with Kratos will grow stronger.

Take a look at this new God of War gameplay video:

For those wanting the full experience of God of War but don’t have a PlayStation 4 Pro or 4K monitor, the game will feature a performance mode, giving you smoother frame rates in exchange of its 4K resolution.

God Of War is scheduled to roll out on 20th April for PS4 exclusively. As it has been revealed, the game’s review embargo will lift on 12th April, 8 days before the actual release.

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