God of War File Size Revealed And It’s Not As Big As You Might Think

The first God of War review copies have been already handed out to the appropriate hands and with this comes crucial information about the game. God of War file size has been revealed and it is not as big as we thought, seeing its amazing graphics and knowing how long its storyline is.

According to reviewer reports, the God of War file size is set to approximately 44.6GB, which might be a considerable number but isn’t that bad for a title of its caliber. After seeing some bits of its world and how its graphics are optimized to the maximum, the size of the game looks as good as it could be.

Let’s be honest, if its size was less than 40GB we would be skeptical about its graphics fidelity or its content and if, on the other hand, it was more we might have had some problems storing it. Santa Monica Studio has made an excellent job even in that aspect of the game.

If you are thinking about grabbing God of War then you might want to start clearing up some space on your hard drive. The preload date for the game is set for 18th of April, which is when you’ll be able to start downloading. After that, it’s only 2 days before you can finally get your hands on the game.

In related news, Cory Barlog has revealed that God of War’s average game length is beyond anything the studio has created up until now. To prove it he stated that one of the designers has finished the game in 43 hours while he knew what to do.

God Of War is scheduled to roll out on 20th April for PS4 exclusively. As it has been revealed, the game’s review embargo will lift on 12th April, 8 days before the actual release.

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