God of War Escape from Helheim Walkthrough Guide – Helheim Landing, The Ship

Escape from Helheim is an action-packed chapter in the game. There are a lot of fights and problems that you will face, and this God of War Escape from Helheim Walkthrough Guide will be imperative to your survival and progress through the derelict land of Helheim.

This God of War Escape from Helheim Walkthrough Guide is a step-by-step companion that will help you escape from Helheim and return to your main objective of finding the Black Rune.

We would like to mention here that this walkthrough would strictly focus on the main story progression. There are many collectibles, hidden chambers, and chests found in each chapter but we have different guides especially focusing on each of these collectibles and side missions. You can visit our site and check out all other guides related to God of War posted there.

God of War Escape from Helheim Walkthrough

Kratos and Atreus will be at the Helheim Landing by now. They will need to go a long way before they can get to the gate and escape. This means that you will be fighting all of the frozen atrocities that reside in the land as you somehow try to get to the pier, where Kratos has a way to bypass some of the difficulties ahead.

Let us go ahead and see how to get through Helheim and escape for good. First of all, you will need to get to the dock and board your ship. To do that, make your way to the top of the tower that you were on and get to the metal gate. Now jump across the gap so that you can defeat the enemies and finally get on your boat.

Helheim Landing

You will need to unlock the tower gate that stands in your way. Slice the brambles to access the wind trap that you can then transfer to the left trap on the massive gate. Now, you will be able to toss your axe at the gearwheel to freeze the plate.

After that, transfer the winds to the right of the gate to unlock it. When you enter inside, you will need to kill a Hel-Traveler. You have faced them before so defeating them should not be that difficult. Defeating this Traveler will grant you another Chaos Flame.

Once the enemy is dead, enter the tower and keep on moving forward until you defeat the Hel-Reaver Lord. You need to keep on hopping from platform to platform until you catch up to Atreus, who will mention that Baldur is up ahead.

You will need to jump and grab the tower wall so that you can sneak past him. Be careful about his Hel-triggered vision, as that can be the cause of failure quite easily.

Soon you will be on a walkway and will be able to continue forward on the path until you face a Hel-Viken. Once you have defeated the Viken, you can unlock a Nornir Chest if you want and then head on to the ship after defeating all of the enemies that try to attack you.

The Ship

Raise the Mainsail to start moving forward. Use the crank-wheel after you burn through the brambles and then get the ship moving. Soon, you will be caught in an Iceberg.

To free yourself from it, get to the mount and equip the Leviathan axe before pressing R1 to chop it off. Keep on pressing R1 until you are completely free of the mount. Then, get to the crank wheel and turn it to free your ship from the iceberg, only for it to get stuck in the drawbridge.

In order to rid yourself of the drawbridge, climb onto its span and use the crank-wheel of the bridge to raise it. After that, you will need to defeat a couple of enemies and then ride the lift to the upper ramp.

You can use the Leviathan on the spinner panel to get to the ramp and then toss it at the gearwheel to freeze the lift in place. You can find a couple of hidden chests here. Recall the axe and start making your way to the ship once again.

Soon, you will have to come face to face with a lot of Hel-Reavers. They will try to put out the fire that is on the ship and you need to stop that at all costs, as the ship with otherwise stop floating in the sky. Eliminate each squad before the next one arrives in order to make sure that you do not get overwhelmed.

Anchors will soon start to make their way onboard along with a Hel-Viken and a ton of Hel-Shadow minions. Grab the anchor and tap circle as fast as you can to latch it away from the railing. By this time, you will be quite close to the temple and will need to get back onto the deck of the ship.

You will continuously be facing enemies who will be trying to put out the fires on the ship. The best way to counter them is to swing your blades of chaos and run from one fire to the next. This will destroy the Hel-Reavers trying to put out the fires and will also reignite the flames.

If Atreus calls out and tells you that a fire has been put out, you need to get there as quickly as you can and use your blades to reignite the fire, as that is more important than killing an enemy. Soon, you will have to defeat Hel-Revenants with different Nightmares on their side.

After that, you will get a little bit of a break before you are once again in the thick of the battle with an Ogre and a lot of minions. You can defeat the Ogre using our God of War Bosses Guide and then detach the bow once you are at the marked spot. Now, you will be able to explore Odin’s chamber. The chapter will end once you enter Odin’s study.

That is all we have for our God of War Escape from Helheim Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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