God of War Easter Eggs and Secrets

This God of War Easter Eggs Guide will tell you all about the different Easter Eggs. It will tell you what they are, and how you can unlock them.

God of War opens up six of the nine realms of Norse mythology for players to explore where each realm does its best to hide numerous Easter eggs and secrets. These are just waiting to be uncovered and the following guide will make sure players do just that with relative ease.

God of War Easter Eggs

There are many Easter Eggs that you will already know about. One of the most common ones is the Secret Ending, which you can read all about in our God of War Secret Ending Guide.

There is also another egg that reveals how Thor’s Hammer was crafted and it is revealed in a conversation between Atreus and Mimir (it was crafted by Brok and Sindri).

Let us go ahead and take a look at all of the Easter Eggs that can be found in GoW. Both what they are and how can you experience them for yourself.

One of the biggest is the indication that Atreus might very well end up being Loki. The giants had already prophesized the entire journey of Kratos and Atreus, and Loki is the name that Faye wanted Atreus to have. It is entirely possible that Atreus is the stepbrother of Thor himself, as a glimpse of this is also shown in the Secret Ending of God of War.

Valkyrie Queen

When you fight the Valkyries, it is suggested to you that there might be a queen who put them into their cursed form. Defeating the queen suggests that there was a queen that came before this one, and thus, it leads the way to you fighting Freya, the previous queen of the Valkyries.


You can find a squirrel at the top of the Light Elf Outpost after you solve a few puzzles. Rather, you can find a chest that will allow you to summon a squirrel known as Ratatoskr. This squirrel can be used to dig out Health or Rage stones depending on which arrows Atreus has selected.

References to Other Mythologies

You can also find a lot of references to other mythologies if you go to Odin’s Chamber in Helheim. There is a Greek, Celtic, Egyptian and a Japanese Symbol for God of War in the chamber.


Athena is visible when Kratos is finding his Blades of Chaos. She reminds him that he will always be the same Kratos, a monster. It is also a reminder that the Greek gods are always watching him, and they may return in the future iterations of the series.

The Prophecy

Towards the end, you find out that the long winter that came before Ragnarok is 100 years early, as Kratos did not do something that was written in the Prophecy. This means that Kratos is existing outside of the prophecy since he defeated the fates in the second iteration of the series.

The Horse

When Kratos tells Atreus about the horses as a story, he is actually telling him about his own past. Of how he was betrayed by Ares and how he defeated him to exact revenge.

E3 Reference

A fire troll smashes through the bridge as Kratos and Atreus try to cross it during the reveal trailer. However, that is not the case in the actual game as you only find a couple of enemies on the bridge. When that fight ends, Kratos mentions how he thought there was a troll underneath that bridge. Quite subtle, huh?

Kratos’ Old Loincloth

When Atreus enters Brok’s shop at the beginning barely wearing anything, there’s a sash around his hips. It’s red and gold with a geometric pattern, more commonly known as Kratos’ loincloth. It’s highly probable Fey crafted it into a sash for her son.

Kratos’ Red Leather Straps

Under Kratos’ leather waistcloth there are red leather straps with a golden stud at the end of each. These are left over from his costume in the preceding God of War games when he put on a Spartan Skirt under his loincloth in Greece.

Atreus’ Name

Each corner of Kratos’ house contains an Elder Futhark symbol, all 4 of which when linked together and translated to English, spell “Loki”. Atreus’ real name was hiding in plain sight from the beginning.

Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet

Thanos’ mighty gauntlet from the Avengers franchise has descended into the realm of video games. To reach this tribute, you have to complete Sindri’s Family Business quest, after which you are bestowed with The Shattered Gauntlet of Ages with six special attachments that can be fixed on. Similar to Thanos, a purple beam is fired when all three spots are filled.

The Masks in Brok and Sindri’s shop

Brok or Sindri pay an awful lot for the masks so you can bet they’ll be on display. If you look at the shelves carefully enough, you’ll find them standing there. The intricate items don’t go to waste!

The Boat Captain

The Boat Captain makes many appearances throughout the God of War series, always meeting his gruesome fate. The recent game keeps up this tradition. One of the treasure maps features the Boat Captain’s, once again in a twist, with his boat ruined.

Atreus’ tattoos

Atreus’ tattoos are homage to the Ancient Norse past. The one on his hand says ‘hrada homd’ or ‘fast hand’. The inscription on his neck translates to ‘logr hugr’ or ‘calm mind’. It is evident Fey or Kratos felt Atreus would have a hard time keeping a handle on his emotions so they decided to embed the reminder on his neck.

First Person Perspective

As you leave Hell on a boat, there is a vision of the final battle from God of War 3. Atreus recoils at the scene and the camera switches into first person. This experience is similar to the view from Kratos’ eyes as he finishes Zeus. These are the only two instances when first person is used throughout the series.

The Secret Mural

A part of the secret mural from Jotunheim is hidden at the start of the game. As you fight the stranger, right before you smash him into a rock, you’ll see it. Fey probably left it there somehow seeing as she knew what the cards held for Kratos and Atreus.

Kratos’ Name

The Jotunheim mural also reveals Kratos name. The text can be translated to Farbauti which refers to Loki’s father in Norse Mythology. Since Atreus was going to be known as Loki, this name now makes sense. Fey often used Farbauti for Kratos. It means ‘cruel striker’ and it may have been a reference to his Greek god-killing skills. something she must’ve known because of her gift of foresight.

Fey’s Actual Name

Turns out Fey is actually a nickname. Kratos replaced her full name, Laufey, as in Loki’s giantess mother from Norse mythology, with Fey. Maybe because he’s spartan and it would be the most convenient way to refer to his wife, the way he calls Atreus ‘Boy’, or maybe it’s his version of a pet name. In the later stories, we find out even Mimir knew Laufey was her full name as he mentions it often.

Kratos’ eye

The opening scene shows two wooden carvings of Kratos and Atreus, which look normal at first until you peer at Kratos and realize there’s an eyepatch over his right eye. Just like Odin’s. Kratos also travels around with Mimir’s head fastened to his belt, the way Odin did in Norse mythology. This gives reason to believe Odin and Kratos might be the same.

The Hulk’s dialogue

“I’ve beaten bigger”, says Kratos after brawling with the trolls of ash and frost in Tyr’s temple. In reply to this, Atreus says, “heh, punny toll”. The same verse is used by Hulk after defeating Loki at the Stark Tower in the Avengers movie. This pointer is quite excellent since Atreus is to become Loki.

The Trolls

The trolls in Tyr’s temple are named after Grendel the one-armed monster from the Old English poem, ’Beowulf’. They are called Grendel of the Ashes and Grendel of the Frost. Beowulf who fought off Grendel to prevent him from petrifying the king’s mead hall, is powerful and frightening, just like Kratos.

God of War 5

If you head back to Alfheim with Mimir after beating the game, and enter the Temple where you received the light, he’ll mention the Light Elves God Freyr, which could just be a hint at God of war 5.

Norse Mythology Reference

There is another reference to a special Norse Mythology in the boar brought back by the Witch. The game even has a cutscene that shows his identity.

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