God of War Designer Explains Why He Prefers Xbox Series X to Playstation 5

David Jaffe, designer for the original God of War games and currently a content creator on Youtube and Twitch. TV is frequently talking about the recently released Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. As someone who has spent time with both consoles and knowledgeable on how the industry works, Jaffe has an “easy choice” between the two in his mind. According to him, in the Xbox Series X vs Playstation 5 battle, Microsoft’s console is better right now.

During one of his recent Gabbin Games videos on Youtube, had a definite answer on which new-gen console is better. In terms of performance, he believes that they are pretty close. He also claims that, in terms of exclusive titles, Playstation 5 will always be a clear choice. The production value of Sony’s titles is better and we can all agree. However, he has some reasons to believe that Xbox Series X is just better right now.

According to Jaffe, the Quick Resume feature of the Xbox Series is a gamechanger. He goes on to explain how the quick resume resembles channel surfing on the TV.

In fact, this is the first time we see multiple games running in the background and you can just instantly click and play each one of them. In the war of Xbox Series X vs Playstation 5, this is a very solid point for Microsoft. To prove his point, he moves from one game to another during the video, showing how the switch takes no more than 5 seconds. Unfortunately, although PS5 loads games super-fast, quick resume is not an option.

He also believes that the Xbox Game Pass in addition to Quick Resume gives players the ability to expand their playing library. This is something we also see for the first time and it sets the standards for more to come.

To take this into perspective, if you have a fast connection speed you can have 5 new games downloaded from Xbox Game Pass, open one by one up and play for 5 minutes and then go and instantly resume the one you liked the best. As Jaffe describes it, it’s like going to the Vegas buffet. And that couldn’t be more true.

It all comes down to how both Sony and Microsoft will measure their next steps. Will Sony release as many first-party titles as players need to make the investment? Will Microsoft be able to also have first-party games that will make a PS5 a second choice? The Xbox Series x vs Playstation 5 battle has only just begun and it will be years before we know the outcome for sure.

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