Cory Barlog Says No To Internet Claims Of A God of War Delay

Cory Barlog of Sony Santa Monica has denounced rumors that came from NeoGAF about a God of War delay, which might have kept the game from coming out sometime this year. God of War will likely be shown off at E3 before it’s released on the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro.

The new God of War game was originally revealed at last year’s E3, showing us a redesigned Kratos with a whole new world to explore and new enemies to kill, along with a whole new world inspired by Norse mythology.

Since then we’ve gotten fairly regular updates about the progress of the game, ranging from how the game can now be played from start to finish, to getting information about what will be in the game’s collector’s editions. However, a recent poster called Shogmaster on NeoGAF claimed that the game was getting delayed until well past January of next year.

The same poster also said that the gameplay demo that Sony Santa Monica showed at E3 2016 was just a scripted proof-of-concept that wasn’t even really working game code, but it seems like the studio is about to prove him wrong.

Considering we’ll likely get a true release date at E3, the God of War delay is likely still nonexistent (unless it’s something similar to Shadow of War, which recently was delayed until October 18 from an August 22 release date.

While there’s still plenty of time for Sony Santa Monica to announce a God of War delay, hopefully, whatever date we get at E3 will be consistent from then until its release. Since it’s been years since we got a full new God of War game, a lot of fans are waiting eagerly to see how Kratos’s next adventure goes, especially with all of the promise that the game showed when it was revealed last year.