God Of War Creator Wants To Work On A Horror VR Title, Impressed by RE7 VR

The original God of War creator, David Jaffe tells Cory Borlog he wants to work on a horror VR game on his livestream talkshow.

David Jaffe, the God of War creator of the original game on PlayStation 2 had a live chat with Cory Borlog. The director of the latest God of War PS4 title, Cory Borlog called up on Jaffe’s live stream talk show. During the discussion between the two, David expressed that he wants to make a VR horror game.

David Jaffe was doing his live stream when Cory decided to be the first caller on the talk show. Barlog told how he has been doing after the huge success of God Of War PS4. The conversation had a rather explicit language so better use headphones.

While getting towards the end of the discussion, God of War creator asked Cory about his thoughts on making a VR title. To this Cory responded with an unsure tone by saying:

“I don’t know, who knows what the future holds on that one. I still have not gotten to a point where I don’t get nauseated after about 25 minutes in VR.
I really want to play, but I’d be the guy that says ‘Guys, I gotta stop, I’m getting sick.’”

To this, David responded with recommending room-scale VR. According to him, it reduces the chances of sickness. Moreover, from Jaffe’s own thoughts on VR, it looks like he adores the platform:

“Once you do it you never want to go back, it’s f***ing amazing. VR has its hooks in me so deep and so wonderfully, that if I could create the opportunity for myself to get back into games with VR, I would be all over it, that’s how transformative it can be if you have a good VR experience. The dream was always let’s make games in the holodeck, but we’re not gonna live long enough for that. Room-based VR at least makes you feel like it’s the future of interactive entertainment.”

Furthermore, the main idea that the original God of War creator has about VR is to make a horror title out of it:

“I would want to do a horror game, I have a game about, sort of like when the levees broke in Katrina. I’d like to do a horror game based around, they had all the coffins floating down the street.
I love the idea of doing a horror game that’s like scuba diving and you’re on a boat and it’s constantly raining, kind of like a supernatural version of Jaws set in this sort of flooded New Orleans town. I’d like to do some kind of horror game based on that.”

David also expressed where he got inspiration for such an idea:

“There was a sequence in that game [Resident Evil 7] where you’re out on the docks, the swamp, and there were no monsters around or anything like that,” Jaffe says. “And at that moment, in that part, I just said I’m gonna come out here, sit down on the dock, and be in that space. I’ll just listen to the f***ing frogs and watch the f***cking fireflies. That is one of my top ten game experiences of all time, Resident Evil 7 on PSVR, it’s like I was there. To the point where I was saying I didn’t even need to go to a haunted house this year, this trumps that. … The moment you put the VR headset on, it blew my f***ing mind.”

The original God of War creator is also known for his work in Twisted Metal games. But recently Jaffe moved to his own studio to design and direct video games. Besides, Besides, David Jaffe has declared how he has still not been able to play the God of War PS4 title.

Meanwhile, Cory Borlog showed interest in a Superman video game too. Additionally, he said something to say to the guys at Telltale as well.

Source: VentureBeat

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